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Your Gateway High-End Brand

By Sheila

Since I’ve been taking walks down memory lane recently, talking about how I first started wearing makeup in the first place, I started thinking about my first forays into high-end makeup lines.

Back when I came of age in Northern California in the mid-90′s, the prestige lines were few and far between. Of course our Macy’s carried Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Lancome, but there were few other choices.

I remember being excited beyond belief every time I went to a neighboring mall 30 minutes away and was able to spend time in The Body Shop, buying Papier Pouder packs, or some other sweet-smelling trinket. Aaah! Those were the days!

As a teen, nothing said “luxury” quite like the lab coats and green plastic packaging of Clinique. I was obsessed and somehow found a way to get my hands on one of their pressed powders, which I kept in the flowery cardboard packaging for MONTHS.


Back then it was sooooo glamourous to have that compact, and now, of course, it just seems like such a silly far away memory!

How about you – what brand or brands were your gateway into high-end/prestige makeup lines?

  • Jasmine

    I used my mother’s Lancome products for a while without noticing anything luxurious about them (sorry, the ignorance of youth!)… but the REAL THRILL was using a Chanel mascara. It was awesome and amazing and I loved that sample tube truly, madly and deeply. That black gold never failed me, it was brilliant.

  • http://stores.ebay.com/rubysbeauty Lisa

    Clinique was also my intro to higher-end brands as well. My mom uses Clinique, and she would let me have some of her GWP items. My first fave was their mascara, then their foundation. I STILL use their foundation to this day!

  • Miss Boom

    I started with Clinique, too. I really wish they would change their packaging. It’s almost so old that it’s back in style, ya know?

  • Jean

    My first boyfriend bought me a YSL lipstick for my birthday. It smelled like their perfume Paris. It was such a pretty package. It made me feel sophisticated. I left it in the car during a hot day and it melted :(

    I later tried Shiseido which I fell in love with. I bought an eyeliner which had gifts with purchase. The gift with purchase had their bio performance super revitalizer which is my HG moisturizer and their creamy foaming cleanser is my HG cleanser. The eyeliner is their fineliner which I still have! It has been 16 years and I still have it! It has replaceable cartridges. I wash it out after every cartridge but the pen is still in perfect working order.

  • Ninjagato

    Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash.

  • admin

    @Ninjagato – I’ve always wanted to try Bad Gal – apparently it’s comparable to Dior Show!