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You’d Be Lost Without Your Blogger

By Megan Murray

Hello, this is Megan the professional writer with a sophisticated point of view. I am here with my inner fangirl to review a fabulous product from an amazing e-tailer. In my search to find a fragrance that doesn’t turn to wet petals and cat hair, I seek out companies with new points of view. I love e-tailers because they don’t have to worry about consumer tests and the fickle tastes of the mass market.  Small companies can put out scents that appeal to very particular tastes-also…I can truly have a signature fragrance.

 The latest e-tailer that caught my eye is a company called NevermoreBodyCompany.

This etsy shop is out of Pittsburgh, PA and carries a variety of truly original scented products that are cruelty-free with no animal ingredients, no alcohol, no mineral oil, and hypoallergenic.  If you are the type of girl who took one too many literature classes, her “lotions, potions, and tonics” will appeal to you. Seriously, she has a Laudanum Hand Sanitizer and a Gypsy Rose body butter that whose scent profile is:

“ Sensuous fragrance with English Rose and Star Jasmine infused into roasted black tea leaves, lemon and orange combined with a lasting hint of musk, amber crystal, bergamot and white cedar wood.” 

Nevermore also sells skin care and other body products in scents like, Whiskey, Bourbon, Mina Harker, Van Helsing, and Burlesque. Nevermore Body Company is a store for those whose imagination is tinted with the fog of past enchantment. 

Now, my inner fangirl would like to speak to you a bit about the product I bought:


Ohhh MMMM GGGG! Sherlock body butter! I squeed when I saw this on Pinterest because it was named SHERLOCK! Have you seen the BBC’s Sherlock?!  If you haven’t you must!  You wil l totally want wear Sherlock!

(See, I am restraining myself – PROFESSIONAL!!)

Anyway, when I ordered the product for no other reason than it was named Sherlock, the owner of the company, Jennifer Profio, e-mailed me to let me know that it was a man’s fragrance because it contained tobacco, but many women loved it so she made a body butter. (See, e-tailers providing personalized service…where have we heard that before?! ) I was just happy to have it on my vanity so I went with it.

Boy, am I happy I went with Sherlock. The scent of this fragrance is rich, romantic, and very, very sophisticated.  The first sniff is almost a shock of tobacco that simmers down on my skin to a honeyed spiced orange wrapped in rose petals.  There is nothing cloying or overtly feminine about it, but it is sexy almost dizzyingly sexy.  This is a very concentrated scent, so use sparingly. The texture of the body butter is light and moisturizing and I am going to try this in a few different fragrances. 

Fragrance is a very subjective matter. I am sure my adoration of this scent has a little to do with my fangirl issues with the TV show ( much to my husbands eye-rolling chagrin Holmes and Watson are my screen saver).  So I always feel strange about a fragrance review; however, the customer service was amazing and NevermoreBodyCompany puts out a quality product. The scent I purchased was elegant and surprising. If you are looking for a new way to express yourself scentually (is that a word? It should be) Quoth the Raven….

  • http://www.nevermorebodyco.com Jenni

    Thank you so much Megan for the absolutely amazing review. I love that YOU love Sherlock as much as I do! Sincerely, I am beyond words!

  • Wendy

    Sherlock is amazing. I normally wouldn’t have paid any attention to it but my boyfriend insisted I’d love it, and I did.

  • Aimee

    Wow! This review makes me want to order a bunch of new scents. I normally wouldn’t buy a fragrance online, but Megan’s never recommended a product I didn’t love.

  • Mel

    I ordered this based on this review and it IS AMAZING. It’s pretty concentrated and a little strong at first, but I still love the scent from the get-go (it reminds me of when my dad used to smoke a pipe, I LOVE the smell of the tobacco). It does fade to a rose-orange-honey-tobacco-y scent after awhile, which is VERY nice.

    I love it (and I can’t say that about ANY scent I’ve ordered or gotten a sample of in the last year). I also ordered some of the shaving soap for my husband, and it smells equally wonderful.

    Bonus on this: it’s almost better than my super-extra-powerful lotion in keeping my skin soft! Thank you SO MUCH for the recommendation!

  • Megan


    Also, you get to say you are rubbing Sherlock all over yourself, which for me is a bonus…lol.