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Why Didn’t I Start Using This Sooner? 100% Acetone As A Nail Polish Remover

I Bought It

By Sheila Arkee

Although I’ve known of 100% pure Acetone being used as a nail polish remover for a while, it wasn’t until I tried the Couture Gel Nails kit that I actually purchased a bottle for my own use. Priced at around $6, it’s one of the best nail care purchases I’ve ever made. Soaking your nails in Acetone for about 5 minutes is the key to removing gel polish, and it works like a charm.


What I’ve been using on my nails ever since I’ve been wearing polish is a basic nail polish remover that you can buy anywhere. While those nail polish removers mostly contain acetone, they’re mixed with moisturizing agents and other stuff that dilutes the Acetone. Although those removers work well for basic nail polish applications, it’s when you get to the tough stuff – glitter, acrylics, gels you need a tough remover.With Acetone, stubborn products are a relic from the past – seriously, its such a relief to do my nails now and not struggle with glitter removal. It’s much, much, much easier with Acetone. One warning, Acetone is a lot more drying, so if you’re prone to dry nails, make sure to keep a moisturizer at hand.

Acetone can be found at beauty supply stores. I was surprised to find mine at CVS, but with the advent of at-home gel kits, I’m sure it was a necessary item to stock.

  • http://lipglossandspandex.com Marilyn @ Lipgloss+Spandex

    I love 100% acetone as nail polish remover. WAY better than the other stuff!

  • Rai

    An argument I hear made against using acetone is that it is so drying. Much more drying than acetone-free nail polish remover. And so they say, it is bad for your nails.

    For others who have not tried acetone because of these claims DO NOT LISTEN.

    One swipe of acetone may be more drying than one swipe of non-acetone nail polish remover… but one swipe may be all you need! I can often get an entire hand (and a half) with one cotton ball and then do a bit of clean up with a q-tip around the edges.

    In contrast it takes several passes of non-acetone nail polish remover for me (don’t even get me started on glitter) which in the end not only leaves my fingers drier but often cause the old nail polish to soften and bleed into my skin before I can successfully remove it.

    So I also recommend using 100% acetone. I suggest thoroughly washing your hands (under then nails too!). If you don’t the acetone will linger in your fingers and you do not want to touch your face likes eye or mouth — its gross, doesn’t feel good or taste nice. Than moisturize (really working it into the skin and cuticles and some on nails too) and dry them before painting.

    It adds a bit of time but your nails will thank you for it. And frankly it will still be less time than using crappy nail polish remover.

  • Elizabeth

    I have recently made the same discovery! Because I bought the Gelish at-home nail kit, I had to start using it, too. But, I have found that not only is it good for taking off any polish in a jiffy, but it is also good for taking off any sticky residue from price tags/stickers on containers and cleaning off any leftover glue on the backs of eyeshadows after I de-pot them. And I agree with Marilyn…as long as you rinse your hands and then promptly apply a good hand cream or cuticle balm, your hands and nails will be fine.