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What Do You Do With Your Beauty Product Samples?

By Sheila Arkee

If you are a beauty junkie, or even if you’re not, it is very easy to accumulate beauty product sample packs. Online and brick-and-mortar retailers regularly include them with purchases, and it’s always exciting to get something so small and so cute. I am not one to resist free beauty products!

The tricky part with many sample packages is that they’re not so easy to store. You might not use the entire portion at once, so if it’s packaged in a rip-top packet, here’s a trick I learned many years ago.

Stick a sterilized safety pin into one side of the packet so the contents don’t get all over the place. To sterilize the safety pin, or whatever you use to make a cut in the packet,  dip it in some rubbing alcohol and let it air dry. Next, put the packet in a Ziploc plastic bag and voila! Your small and cute sample pack stays fresh for a few days.

Now, when it comes to storing my samples, I put them in little cups and containers that once belonged to my son. Kiddie cups or small plastic wear containers are great for holding little packets!

How do you organize your beauty product samples?

  • http://spontaneouschick.com Aleya Bamdad

    Actually I try not to open a sample unless I’m about to commit to it for the next few days. I hate to leave the packages open because I can see myself spilling things. When I do open them though, I also use a cup to keep them upright.

  • Wendy

    Mine get used immediately. If there’s any left over (usually not if it’s skin or hair care) I save it in a ziplock. I love getting perfume samples because they last for about a week, sometimes longer. The perfect amount of time to decide if I like it or not.

  • http://echosidestyle.blogspot.com Jen

    I don’t really like how you don’t get enough of the sample to get a good idea of what the product does over time… If that applies to the product anyway.. So I tend to save my samples in a tin and give them out when I sell or swap something.