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Welcome Stateside, Glossybox!

By Sheila Arkee

There’s a happy rumble going around the beauty world lately involving the latest sample program to hit the States. If you haven’t heard about Glossybox before, you will soon because it is here for good!

Glossybox is a monthly luxury sample club that is already in 18 countries. After filling out a profile on their site you receive 5 luxury samples from brands that include Dermalogica, Kiehls, Clinique, OPI, Serge Lutens, Shiseido, YSL, Becca, and Kerastase.


Here’s the best part about all of this excitement: Glossybox has given me TWO sample boxes to giveaway to Painted Ladies readers! Thank you, Glossybox!

Make sure to visit Glossybox on Facebook for more information about this exciting launch.

Contest is now closed!

  • heather t

    I would love a Glossybox!

  • Marilyn d.

    I would love to be included in the giveaway! This sounds wonderful!!

  • Ryan Wigginton

    Wow. Sounds fun!

  • Susan Smith

    This sounds great

  • Sasha

    I would love to have a Glossybox!

  • Jen B

    I would love to see what Glossybox is all about!

  • Jacqui

    Great idea! Who doesn’t love samples?!

  • http://www.illynewreviews.blogspot.com Newsha

    Love the super luxe packaging!

  • Jennifer

    Yay!!! I’ve heard so much about Glossybox.

  • laura

    I have been meaning to subscribe to some sort of service like this!

  • gliteratti

    Would love to try this. Birchbox ended up not exciting me as much as I thought so I need a new subscription in my life

  • Paula

    Thank you so much for this chance — I’d really enjoy one!

  • Shannon Baas

    I would love this.

  • !

    Can’t wait to see more about this!

  • http://joydreamerstravels.blogspot.com Heather

    So exciting! :)

  • Jeanette

    sounds great! cant wait to see who wins 😀

  • http://projectswatch.blogspot.com/ Emi at Project Swatch

    Sounds awesome, yay!

  • http://www.hobbylobbyist.com Elizabeth P.

    How fun! I’d love to win.

  • Bev Crawford

    Sounds awesome. I’d love to see one of these little boxes on my porch.

  • Cynthia

    Definitely will want to read the reviews on it!

  • http://www.samanthaward.comi samantha

    I’d love to try it!

  • Kristina

    Can’t wait to try glossy box!

  • Amberly

    I have been wanting to try one of these sample companies! something about little luxuries makes me so excited!:)

  • Jamie Carter

    I think I’ve tried one of the listed brands. I’d be really interested in trying the others and seeing what happens. :)

  • Shannon

    I keep meaning to try one of these boxes. This looks like a good one!

  • Jennifer Maddron

    Sounds awesome!

  • Cynthia Lee

    I would love a glossy box! I’ve been entering every contest I come across for one. :]

  • Patricia H.

    Please choose me for a Glossy Box. I love sample programs and this one sounds delicious!

  • Melissa

    I would love one of these they sound amazing!!

  • http://justthetwoofusanddeals.com Kathleen

    great giveaway, i’d love to win!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  • http://kaytiii.blogspot.com Kayti Clayton

    Oi! So excited for the US release of Glossybox!! Thank you for the opportunity.


  • whitney

    That looks great!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • http://www.kwillis.com Katherine Willis

    I’m such a sucker for samples!!

  • http://allyourbasenotes.blogspot.com Jessica

    Enter me for a Glossy Box!

  • Christi

    I can’t wait until subscriptions finally open, I’m so excited to at least get a chance to win one!

  • Naomi

    I’d love to win! So excited about Glossybox in the US

  • http://beautyjones.blogspot.com Margaret McGlynn

    Can’t wait to see what’s in my first Glossybox!

  • Kristy T

    what a great contest. I’d love to try this!

  • http://shiningalanys.blogspot.com Linda Li

    This is such an awesome opportunity! Always wanted to try glossybox :)

  • http://journeysofmangonett.blogspot.com/ Christine

    Great giveaway! I’d love to try Glossybox!

  • Angela

    Thank you to Glossybox AND Sheila!!! Pretty exciting!!!!

  • Josepha Eileen

    Thanks for doing this for us!!!

  • Christy

    Can’t wait! I’d love to get one!

  • Elizabeth W

    I would love to win a Glossy box!

  • mstlcmn

    I feel like we have been waiting forever!! I would LOVE to win a Glossy Box!!!

  • Janet

    Glossybox!! would love to win this

  • Danielle

    So excited that glossybox has finally arrived in the US!!!

  • Gini

    How fun!I want to try!

  • http://www.beautyinfozone.com MarciaF (beauty info zone)

    I try so many of the boxes and I’d love to see what Glossybox is all about!

  • Renee

    I would love to have a Glossybox!

  • Miranda

    I had to de-lurk for this! What a great giveaway. Also, I really like the website, keep up the good work!

  • Tatyana G

    This is so exciting to see what they have to offer. Great giveaway!

  • Angela Gross

    Yay!!! What a fantastic giveaway. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win a Glossybox. I feel like I’ve been waiting for them to open in the US for months. But I’m sure it hasn’t been that long. Good things come to those who wait… ;-))

    Also…love your site!

  • Nora

    I’ve seen their products are great.

  • Piper

    I’m so excited about Glossybox!!!

  • Malia

    I can’t wait for the arrival of Glossybox!

  • Ashley S

    This sounds sooo awesome. Really excited for this.

  • http://jemmeh.deviantart.com Jem

    Thank you for this giveaway! This is fantastic! 😀 These products are so expensive it’s hard to figure out which one you want to use because that’s a costly process. This would help immensely.

  • Stephanie

    i really really wanna win

  • Kelly Commerford

    Please enter me in this giveaway, my sincere thanks for hosting this generous contest. I’m curious & excited to see how Glossybox will compare with Birchbox???!!!

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    what girl wouldn’t love to win this?! Thanks for the chance!

  • Amber

    Thank you so much – I hope I win!

  • Eunice Childs

    cute as a button

  • http://cherylestacio.com Cheryl

    I’m so excited about Glossybox! I hopped on the train beauty supply subscription service late. So I’m waitlisted on MyGlam and Birchbox. All the UK/Canada reviews I’ve seen make it so interesting. Thanks for hosting this! :-)

  • alex

    i love mini samples

  • Candice Hull

    Awesome giveaway-Thank you! Have a blessed week!

  • Sheena

    This looks awesomely neat. Why haven’t I heard of them before?

  • elven johnson

    This sounds so cool. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Betsy

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve heard such great things about Glossybox.

  • http://d paige chandler

    I have my fingers crossed. Mama needs some glossybox. :)

  • Karlene Shamir

    gosh i’ve been waiting forever for this to happen lol thanks for the info!!

    xyoulovekarlene at gmail dot com

  • Ally

    I’m so excited about Glossy Box! I think I may be making the switch from Birch Box!

  • cynthia

    i would love to win this!

  • Jessica Hays

    Would love to win this! Thanks!


  • http://therealmomreview.blogspot.com Jean Lynd

    I would LOVE to get Glossybox!

  • Nicole Vosburgh

    What an awesome giveaway! Thank you!

  • Rachel Travis

    I would love to see this! Thank you for this giveaway :)



  • Jessica Gengler

    great giveaway! Would love to win!

  • Angela Winesburg

    I would love to win this, thanks for the chance!

  • ferriz

    i would absolutely love to win this!

  • amyc

    How fun~I love trying new products. Thanks for the chance!

  • Claire

    I’ve heard about this from a few YouTube gurus and would love to try it for myself.

  • tamar

    This is so cool, thanks!

  • crystle tellerday

    id give this to my best friend tracy

  • Heather Garcia

    wow what an exiciting giveaway!!!

  • Danielle

    Eek!!! I’ve been so jealous of all the glossy box unboxings! So happy to see it in the states!! Yay!!!

  • Amy

    So exciting, can’t wait to subscribe!!

  • Angela H

    What a great giveaway!

  • http://Nessielike.blogspot.com FDM

    I can’t wait until they actually let u buy a subscription! These boxes look better than the birchbox so I would b super happy to compare them whenever I can get my hands on one

  • Bria

    Glossybox seems so great! The packaging is beautiful! I can’t wait until I can subscribe! Hope I can get a subscription before they’re are sold out!!(or even maybe win one :))!!!!

  • lov2read68

    GlossyBox looks fabulous! Packaging is very chic! This looks much better than some of the other sample type boxes we’ve seen in recent months. Very excited that they are coming to the US! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  • Jessica

    I love GlossyBox!! I hope I Win :)

  • Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    this is great
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  • Lucy Schwartz

    Glossybox has arrived and I hope it lands here with me!

  • http://chisumscrew.blogspot.com/ Happi Shopr

    I am so excited! Thanks for hosting

  • susan varney

    bring on glossybox i can’t wait

  • Allison

    I would love to try this, what fun!! Thank you for the chance.

  • kathy pease

    Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in :)

  • Kathlyne

    Great Giveaway. I’d love to win.

  • Kat Dailey

    Oh! I would love to win this! I’d be sure to share with my friends!

  • Weena

    Ah! I’m SO excited for glossybox to be here in america! This is a fabulous giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  • MJ

    Now this I could consider subscribing to!

  • Cathy

    It sounds like something fun to try out!

  • DJ

    I would love to win this! Thank You!

  • Vanessa

    Who wouldn’t want to win this?! :)

  • Christine

    wow, this looks wonderful

  • Dolores Olsen

    Love new makeup, new ways to brighten myself up. Would really like to try this

  • http://www.howardhousereviews.com Marie Howard

    TY for a great giveaway!!!!!!!

  • shawna

    I would love this!

  • Kayla

    I would love to win this! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Ashley Morrissey

    I would absolutely love to win this!

    Thanks for the shot!

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  • Joy F

    I would love to win. Thanks.

  • Lorri S

    I love trying new makeup brands

  • Brittney House

    I would love to win this and try these new products!

  • Heidi

    Pick me pretty please!

  • Jennifer J

    Me likey makeup!! Thanks!!

  • Sara

    I would love to win a glossbox.

  • http://heartbeatsymphony.blogspot.com/ Megan

    This sounds great! So glad to hear it has made it to the US. I’d love to win one! :)

  • helene

    This is awesome! Would love one.

  • Karen

    I’m so glad they’re here. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Andrea Henry

    this is excellent..I would love to have it.

  • Janice black

    Oh how wonderful…sounds great to me.

  • charles brown

    that could be a nice surprise for a friend

  • Breanne

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Paula Tavernie

    This is great! I would love this!!

    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  • kara schmidt

    please enter me


  • Carly hall

    Omg I just saw this month’s box is best of harrod’s…would love to try all the goodies, these boxes look a-mazing!

  • Erin Cook

    What a great prize I hope I win

  • http://theturtlerace.blogspot.com/ Melanie C

    Before your post about Glossybox, I had never heard of it before! Sounds very interesting!

  • Nicole DeFontes

    Oh I would sooo loooove this!! Great giveaway. thank you

  • http://pregnantkatiesmom.blogspot.com/ Susan Chester

    I would be thrilled to win. I ♥ Glossybox.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  • dawn

    Wow, This sounds so good. Thanks

  • Charity S

    This sounds so exciting! Thanks

  • Sand

    I would love to win this, it sounds like a great program!

  • heather c

    Glossybox! Freakin’ out!

  • Michelle Tucker

    I’d love this! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    michedt at yahoo dot com

  • Gianna

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Michelle H.

    I would love to try these samples.

  • Barbara Long

    I’ve heard about Glossybox and would love to see what kind of samples they send.


  • Charlene Kuser

    The Glossybox holds some great brands and I am glad to see it come to the U.S.I would love to win this and thanks for holding this giveaway

  • Veronica Garrett

    Glossybox sounds great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Trish B.

    I would love to try Glossybox! It sounds awesome! Thank you! :)