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Wedding Day Beauty Essentials

Through the years, I’ve been involved in weddings in a variety of capacities. Sometimes as a guest, sometimes as a makeup artist, and also as a  photographer. Never as a bridesmaid, though, strangely enough! I’ve learned that there are certain wedding day beauty essentials, many you had no idea you would ever need!

Wedding Day Beauty Essentials

After being part of so many big days, I’ve picked up a trick or two … or three or four … and have learned that there are some beauty products that are a MUST for any such an occasion – whether you’re a guest, a vendor, or the bride! Wedding season is in full swing, so if you’re participating in an  upcoming event, here are a few essentials to keep handy.

1. Toupee Tape


This is a secret weapon that works better than double-sided tape. Sounds strange, but I’ve witnessed the power of toupee tape to hold things together when all others have failed.

2. Tide Pen

See photo below. Enough said.

3. Blush


For any occasion when you’ll be photographed, bright cheeks are essential! Do not underestimate the power of blush, especially under a variety of lighting conditions. A good blush adds dimension to your face and gives a little extra something. Touch up as needed.

4. A Touch Up Kit That Includes …

You’ll definitely need to touch up at some point during the event, which is why your bridesmaids are your best defense against smudges. Make someone responsible for keeping a kit that has hairspray, bobby pins, translucent powder, lip products, eyeliner, blush (and a brush),  and a small pack of baby wipes to use as a makeup remover. A handy tip is to soak some q-tips in almond oil and place them in a ziplock bag in case there are any smudges.

5. Setting Sprays

If you are oily or have a tendency to smudge, use Skindinavia’s No More Shine spray to hold yourself together (it works, I swear) and Model in a Bottle for your eyes. Works every time, I promise!!!!

For more of my wedding day beauty essentials, check out my top 9 beauty tricks for brides!

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  • Wendy

    As far as model in a bottle is concerned, do you spray it on your whole face, or just your eyes?

  • admin

    You can definitely use it on your entire face – and it DOES make your face makeup last forever – but I personally prefer it on the eye area to guarantee no slippage!

  • http://www.mybeautybunny.com Lauren

    Great idea for a beauty post!

  • Amber

    These are such great ideas!