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Vapour Organic Beauty Stratus Instant Skin Perfector Is A Makeup Must

By Sheila Arkee

Stratus Instant Skin Perfector is a shining example of Vapour Organic Beauty’s stable of amazing beauty products. More than just a primer, this 3-in-1 stick enhances your skin, and helps to make your skin look great with or without foundation.

It’s a moisturizer,a primer, and a no-color foundation that gives your skin a beautiful finish courtesy of ingredients such as Evening Primrose Oil, Elderberry Oil, Lotus Flower Petals, and Tulsi/Basil Oil. Best of all, this 70% organic/30% natural beauty product is free of silicones, which is contained in the majority of primers on the market today.

It comes in 3 shades to accomodate a variety of undertones. This is shade 903, for skin with olive/yellow undertones.

To apply, simply swipe the stick on the back of your hand a few times to warm it up, then apply to your skin with your fingers or a brush/sponge, if you prefer.

I’ve been using this instead of foundation during my busy week, and have to say it is lovely and a new must have in my makeup kit. With a busy morning schedule, I don’t always have time to throw on anything except for the basics, and the Stratus Instant Skin Perfector makes the equation that much simpler. I love the finish on its own, and also as an actual primer for foundation. Gorgeous finish, and I highly recommend!

*Product provided for consideration. Opinions are my own.