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Thin Thighs and Other Things Out of My Reach

By Megan Murray

Family lore has it that I was born with the fattest thighs they had ever seen on a baby. I was big baby – clocking in at 9 lbs 24 inches. Sure, on an evolutionary scale big, fat thighs are preferable. Fat thighs mean you can plow the fields, survive a plague, and snap the neck of any intruders. Artists used to lovingly paint women with fat thighs. Then, all of a sudden, one day, somebody decides that thin thighs are the reason for living and a whole lot of us were SOL because we had been bred, specifically, for the benefits of fat thighs.

Venus at the Mirror by Reuben
Seriously- this was their idea of Venus

Now, before we get the people who say, “ if you just eat right and exercise…” Yeah, I’ve done that, and all I get is BIG muscular thighs.I feel like I have been left out of so much by having big, fat thighs. I see women with lovely, lean legs and they seem to be at the top of the food chain. There I am, lumbering along trying to prove my worth with big thighs. Do you know how hard it is to get someone to take you seriously when you have fat thighs? How many great things in life have I lost out on because of my thighs? Dating movie stars? Being a writer at Vogue? Clothes? Bathing suits? Vacations off the coast of France? Love? Adoration? Success?

Yes, society treats those with big thighs as “ lesser than,”  but let me you in on a secret…people don’t. I know, I know, you are all like, “ B**ch, you are being all contradictory.”  I am not. My big thighs have not stopped me from marrying my true love ( little secret, there are guys out there that like what they like, and not what they are supposed to like.) My big thighs have not stopped me from being a good friend, earning a degree, laughing really hard, rescuing cats, being a fun mom, buying too much make-up, watching my favorite TV show, and pinning shoes on Pinterest.

There will always be people in the “group think.” Unfortunately, these people seem to be in power. Yes, you will get some push-down from the top. There will be some things out of your reach. I will never LOVE my big thighs, and I don’t think I will ever accept them. I will always look with envy at those with great gams.

 I just can’t let a body part define who I am. I can’t let an evolutionary glitch eat me alive. Besides, it is 2012 when the big one comes it will be those of us with the big thighs, cockroaches, and editors who love Great Lash who will survive. 

I promise, my next blog will be about SugarPill eyeshadow and not written therapy about my body issues!

  • http://editionsofthu.blogspot.com Thu

    I’m a runner and a roller derby girl… I gave up on thin thighs years ago :)

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    Count me in to the non-thin thighs crowd – we are not.alone!

  • http://makeupmew.com/ Sue Lin

    I think many people love thick thighs; they just aren’t in the media circle. The mass media are proprogating ultra thin female role models but a lot of people I spoke to love meat on women (and men). I’m one of those ladies who’d love to bulk out but can’t because of a medical condition. The end may come but I would like to be one who doesn’t have to run (or be the one to out run everyone).