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The Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2012

By Sheila Arkee

Happy 2013! It’s so exciting to usher in a new year, a new beginning and a renewed sense-of-self for so many of us. And an extra day to recover from New Year’s Eve madness, as well. :)

I really enjoy looking back at the year and seeing which posts proved most popular over the year. Not surprisingly, most of them were Breaking Down Beauty posts and I owe it all to Pinterest. Thank you, pinners, for the awesome viral marketing!

It’s been a quick minute since I’ve done a proper Breaking Down Beauty, which is mostly a time issue, but I have a couple of ideas floating around and will get to them very soon, promise!

1. Breaking Down Beauty: The Aspirin Mask

If, when I started Painted Ladies, you had told me photos of my face would be covered in crumbled up aspirin in an online inspiration board site, I would hav had a good, old chuckle. But it’s true, and even though it’s a strange feeling to surf Pinterest and see my aspirin-masked face, I am so glad so many have found it helpful.

2. Breaking Down Beauty: Tightling

Glam eyes aren’t necessarily cat eyes, and this tutorial proves it!

3. Breaking Down Beauty: Fixing Broken Cosmetics

A savior for all the makeup you would have dumped in the trash, I find myself using this technique on a regular basis.

4. Christina Hendricks Emmy Makeup Breakdown

I am just as surprised as you that this one was so popular, but I do understand. Ms. Hendricks is always stunning!  Can I be  a voluptuous redhead in my next life?

5. Avon Eye Quads Review

Another surprise, in two ways. First, I didn’t realize that Avon was so well received, and secondly, the quads really are that amazing.

6. Urban Decay Smoked Palette Review

This one I understand and then some – it’s a fantastic set of smoky, shimmery shadows. A delight!’

7. Breaking Down Beauty: Milk of Magnesia as a Primer

This little trick is so awesome because it really does work – oilies begone!

8. Glam Fail

Megan’s woes with lip foils had us all laughing. :)

9. Breaking Down Beauty: Soft, Smoky Eye Shadow Tutorial

A really pretty way to change up a standard smoky eye.

10. Revlon Lip Butters Review

No doubt, these lipsticks are perfect!

Wishing you all a very happy 2013 filled with abundace and prosperity! Here’s to 2013!!!!!

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