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A Chat with Tarina Tarantino

By Sheila

We all know her for her adorable line of accessories: from Swarovski crystal head pins and later on to her famous pink-haired Hello Kitty line, Tarina Tarantino is known in the fashion world for her charming and a totally girlie style.

A former makeup artist, Tarina is combining the best of the worlds of makeup and jewelry and in February will lauch her eponymous  cosmetics line exclusively in Sephora.

We recently had the chance to ask Tarina some questions, so here is your sneak peek at perhaps the most adorably packaged cosmetics line EVER! Everything is so cute and chic and I cannot wait to try it!

Painted Ladies:  Tarina – you’ve gained your reputation in the jewelry world, and I am personally a huge fan. Why did you decide to branch off into cosmetics? 

Tarina: I was a makeup artist years ago and I am a beauty junkie.  I gave up my makeup career when we started our brand and it was bittersweet because I love doing makeup.  From the beginning I have wanted to merge accessories with cosmetics and create my own beauty products. 

Painted Ladies:  How long did it take for you to develop the makeup collection? 

Tarina: Not long, a little over a year which is amazing when you see how many products are in the line.

Painted Ladies: The cosmetics collection will be a Sephora exclusive. Any plans to bring it to other locations? 

Tarina: I am thrilled to have my collection exclusively available at Sephora.  It is where I go to shop for makeup because it’s like a beauty playground. It is the perfect world for TARINA TARANTINO beauty to live in.
Painted Ladies: How did your experience as a jewelry designer inform the design of the makeup collection?

Tarina:  It was very instrumental when it came to the componentry (packaging).  I am very accustomed to working with the materials that are used to create casings so I knew exactly what I wanted.  My obsession with color is also a key element that comes through, but its my experience as a makeup artist that informed me as to what formulations I wanted to create.  This was challenging as I am known for trying to do things that can’t be done.  Luckily I worked with some of the best labs in the world, who were able to understand my concepts and the formulations are phenomenal.  

Painted Ladies:  How did your experience working for MAC and as a makeup artist in general influence your personal makeup collection? 

Tarina: I love MAC.  I did makeup applications in their Beverly Center store in L.A.  I worked there back when Frank Toscan was still alive and got to meet him. He came to the store and gave this incredible presentation with models that looked so futuristic, he was so inspiring. This was before Estee Lauder bought the brand and it was an incredible time to be a part of this beauty juggernaut.  
Painted Ladies: What are some of your favorite products that are coming out in the Spring collection? 

Tarina: I am in love with the whole collection. I did a lot of editing to make sure each product and color story made sense together. With the debut collection you can literally drop it into a makeup kit and add foundations; voila! You are ready to go.  Must haves items would be my Pearl Glow Primer which is like a layer of beautiful lighting under your foundation.  Fleur De Lash mascara is quite literally false lashes in a tube for beautiful butterfly lashes. Finally my Eye Dream Hypershadows are so highly pigmented with almost no binder so you get the most incredible payoff on application. The color range comes from my kaleidoscopic world and some of my favorites are Chain, Facet and Organza.

 Painted Ladies: Can you offer a favorite makeup trick our readers can use to change up their makeup application? 

Tarina: For days when you know there will be little time for touch ups try a creamshadow like my Magic Hour Creamshadow pots. They stay on all day, do not crease and can double as eyeliner.  I always have my Sparklicity Pure pigment on hand and add a dab over my shadow before going out to make my eyes sparkle.

— Thank you, Tarina! We’re so excited to see your products at our local Sephora!

For more information on Tarina, visit her website, www.tarinatarantino.com.

  • http://frescophyrra.blogspot.com/ Phyrra

    I love her pink hair!

  • admin

    I do, too! She rocks it. :)

  • Desiree

    she had me at the pink packaging. love it!

  • admin

    I cannot wait to see her stuff in person! So adorable!

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