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Lipstick Of The Day: MAC Russian Red

By Sheila Arkee Did you know today is National Lipstick Day? What a darling idea for a special day. I had no idea until I checked my social media accounts early this morning and saw tons of beautiful lipstick posts. Here’s my contribution to the day, one of those classic reds that MAC will never […] […]

Lipstick Of The Day: MAC Cockney

By Sheila Arkee It’s been a week of new beginnings, first with the new Makeup of the Day feature, and in addition, Lipstick of the Day, which I’ll be posting at least once a week. The first Lipstick of the Day with MAC Cockney couldn’t be a better choice to kick things off. With a […] […]

6 Steps To Flawless Red Lips

By Sheila Arkee While it’s always a good time to wear red lip colors, there’s something about the Holiday season that makes sultry red lipstick or lip gloss just that much more right. Here are 6 steps to flawless red lips that will have your pout looking like perfection. Step 1: Moisturize Smooth lips are […] […]

Swatching Sunday: Red Lipsticks and Glosses

By Sheila Arkee From left to right: Red Apple Lipstick in Firestorm, Milani Haute Flash Gloss in Hot Flash, MAC Ruby Woo, Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge 8, Korres Liquid Lipstick 56 […]

18/365 Days of Makeup IV

By Sheila Arkee Happy 4th of July!  Of course I had to do something smoky for the 4th. It’s different than anything else I’ve done for this day!  Here’s a glittery, smoky-eyed tribute to America’s Independence Day. Face Vapour Organic Beauty Stratus Instant Skin Perfector Make Up For Ever HD Liquid Foundation #153 MAC Blot […] […]

Pucker Up With Prestige Color Persist Long-Wearing Lipstick in Returning Rouge For Valentine’s Day

By Sheila Arkee Despite continual advances in beauty technology, the concept of a long-wearing balm/lip stain sounds like it’s completely impossible. A pipe dream! And yet, it exists in the form of Prestige Color Persist Long-Wearing Lipstick. We are in the midst of a time of year when red lipstick seems entirely appropriate. Prestige is […] […]

Cosmetics Confessions: Do You Wear Makeup For Your Significant Other?

By Sheila Arkee Okay, ladies & gents, it’s time to dish at our weekly open post. Pour the coffee, pull out the cheesecake, we’ll be here for awhile. I love Gwen Stefani, but when I read this quote in a recent article, it set off an alarm. And Gwen wears her trademark red lipstick around her […] […]

Breaking Down Beauty: The Difference Between Blue- and Yellow-Based Red Lip Products

By Sheila Arkee When it comes to the matter of red lip colors, a red is a red is a red, right? Not so fast. If you find yourself struggling to pick the  right red lip color for your skin tone, it’s important to know the difference between red lipsticks with a yellow base versus red lip products […] […]

My 7 Favorite Red Lip Colors

By Sheila Arkee Now here is a round-up I’ve been wanting to put together for quite some time, a list of my very favorite red-toned lip colors. Red comes in many different hues, and here are a few that have a permanent place in my makeup collection. NYX Round Lip Stick in Electra This is […] […]

140/365 Days of Makeup

By Sheila Arkee It’s the lipstick that launched a phenomenon. Madonna happened to wear MAC’s Russian Red while on David Letterman, prompting him to ask for the name of the color that just wouldn’t stop. The MAC from back then is light years away from the MAC of today, but this color remains, a mainstay […] […]