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Happy Thanksgiving!

By Sheila Arkee Happy Thanksgiving (and Hanukkah!). It sure feels like Thanksgiving was just here, doesn’t it? This year I am thankful for so much. For family. For friends. For friends who are like family. For you, dear readers. And so much gratefulness for the incredible progress this guy has been making in the past […] […]

Painted Ladies is 3!!!!!!

By Sheila Arkee We are 3!!!!   I want to take some time to thank the ladies who have shared their wit and wisdom with us all this past year. These gals rock, and I’m so thrilled they hvae been part of Painted Ladies over the last year. I’ve included links to their personal sites […] […]

We’re In The Top Beauty & Fashion Blogs of 2012!

By Sheila Arkee Talk about a sweet surprise! Painted Ladies is listed as one of the top 100 blogs by skincare-news.com. What an honor! I am very thankful to see us on the list next to some of my very favorites. […]

Best Of Beauty 2011: The Ten Most Popular Posts

By Sheila Arkee  To wrap up the Best Of 2011, I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane. It’s always fascinating to look through PL’s statistics and see which posts proved to be the most viewed over the past year. Here are the top ten most popular posts of 2011 on Painted […] […]

Welcome to Painted Ladies, Jessica!

By Jessica Mann Gutteridge I’m delighted to join the other mavens here at Painted Ladies!   At 43, I’ve been playing around with makeup now for over 30 years, beginning with some blue and pink Almay eyeshadows (yikes!) and strawberry-flavored roll-on Lip Potion. Hey, if it was in the pages of Seventeen magazine, it was […] […]

111/365 Days of Makeup

By Sheila Arkee Curiosity led me to mix red and brown Lip Tars. What could possibly come out of this unusual pairing. Answer – an actually really pretty russet color. I mixed equal proportions of OCC’s Analog and Reverb Lip Tars, and dabbed a bit of Reverb on top to finish. […]

Breaking Down Beauty: How To Contour Your Nose

By Sheila Arkee While I’ve discussed the subject of contouring your face, I’ve never gone into depth about contouring the nose.  It’s about time! I think contouring has gotten a bad rap over the years. Done right on a prominent nose for photography or real life purposes, the results can be amazing, but all too […] […]

Cosmetics Confessions: Are You Scared of Parabens?

By Sheila Arkee Confession: I don’t worry about parabens in my beauty products. Parabens, which are derived from petroleum, are commonly used as a preservative in cosmetics. A  2004 study that suggested a link between parabens and breast cancer led to a massive change in the cosmetics industry. Many cosmetic users refuse to use parabens […] […]

31/365 Days of Makeup

By Sheila Arkee Lincoln Park After Dark, how I love thee. No matter how the nail techs taunt and tease me for using it every single time, I will continue to love this color for many years to come. Technically, black nails shouldn’t be all that attractive … maybe indicative of brusing … but I […] […]

A Few Of My Favorite Scents

By Sheila Arkee There are a few things I feel adventurous with – eyeshadow, lip color, and things that are generally easy to wipe off and reapply. When it comes to perfumes, however, I have a few mainstays in my collection that always get repurchased. Here are some that have passed the test of time […] […]