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Strobing Is A Snap With Ofra Cosmetics Dupethat Highlighter In You Dew You

There’s no doubt that strobing (aka, “highlighting”) is one of the big deal makeup techniques from 2015. Who doesn’t love glowing and shimmering all day long? I’m definitely a fan and have a hard time turning down a new product that lends to strobing success. Take, for example, the new Ofra Cosmetics Dupethat Highlighter in […] […]

Ofra Cosmetics Long Wearing Liquid Lipstick In Mina

When fellow beauty blogger Mina Slater announced her collaboration with Ofra Cosmetics, I had to have Ofra Cosmetics Long Wearing Liquid Lipstick in Mina. What a cool thing to have a beauty product of your very own!  Mina is the very first blogger to work with the Ofra team and their joint efforts turned out […] […]

I can’t LIVE without YOU! (Part One)

By Marlee Mortensen, The Blissfully Beautiful Babe At first, one might think I am talking about a man. Nope, nada, never, not me! Still as single and fabulous as I was before! I am talking about beauty here! These are the top beauty products that I would absolutely be LOST without! Over the last 16 […] […]