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Glam Fail

By Megan Murray I wish I could adequately explain some of my beauty purchases.  I really wish I could understand what compels me to buy my fourth baby pink lip-gloss in as many weeks.  I wish I knew what drove me to abandon all common sense and try Sally Hanson Nail strips just one more […] […]

Get Excited for the Latest Fall…Oh, Who am I Kidding? I am Tired and So I are You

By Megan Murray I want to start this blog with this: Yes we are tired, but there are a lot of people in a world of pain and mess. Please donate to the Red Cross and help NY and NJ.  For a multitude of reasons, I am willing to bet a lot of our Painted […] […]

Uncomfortable Beauty

By Megan Murray Recently, a friend of mine put this link up on her FB page.  For those who don’t want to go through the website due to personal beliefs or if you don’t want to scratch your head until it bleeds, I will give you the quick and dirty.  Someone, posted a picture of […] […]

Heaven is Good Eyebrows

By Megan Murray The online beauty community has spawned some really awesome advancements in personal care.  We have elevated small e-tailers to rockstar status, we have created new beauty guru’s, and we have learned to do a lot on our own. Sure, with the economic crash luxury is no longer in the hands of the […] […]

Thin Thighs and Other Things Out of My Reach

By Megan Murray Family lore has it that I was born with the fattest thighs they had ever seen on a baby. I was big baby – clocking in at 9 lbs 24 inches. Sure, on an evolutionary scale big, fat thighs are preferable. Fat thighs mean you can plow the fields, survive a plague, […] […]

Easy, Breezy, and Just Freaking Wonderful

By Megan Murray I really thought at age 36 puberty would be over. I really thought I would no longer have greasy hair and a t-zone that would cause a state of emergency if I went to the beach by now. I also really thought I was going to be a Solid Gold Dancer – […] […]

Summer and Other Strangers

By Megan Murray It’s that time of the year when most girls thoughts lead to a sun-kissed body lounging on a beach, a kicky dress or shorts, and a glow that cannot be denied.  Yeah, that is most girls-you know the type, effortless beauty CA girl, blah blah blah can use Nair.  For me, summer […] […]


By Megan Murray Maybelline 10 HR Stain Gloss promises the following: Vibrant and shiny wear; never flat Feels fresh all day, never dry. Glides on wet and smooth, never drags Shine enhancing formula provides a lightweight layer of lasting color So I thought. “what the heck?” It is a dreary week here, and I really […] […]

You’d Be Lost Without Your Blogger

By Megan Murray Hello, this is Megan the professional writer with a sophisticated point of view. I am here with my inner fangirl to review a fabulous product from an amazing e-tailer. In my search to find a fragrance that doesn’t turn to wet petals and cat hair, I seek out companies with new points […] […]

In Defense Of Inelegance

By Megan Murray You often hear people lamenting the lack of elegance our casual society.  We live in a world where it is all too acceptable to roll into a public place looking like we just got into a fight with an alley cat. Even I, the person who went to Walmart with a sports […] […]