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155/365 Days of Makeup 3.0

By Sheila Arkee Today’s face features several products that have yet-to-be blogged about, as well as some old time products that were languishing in my makeup kit for a while. Old and new combined, it’s one of my all-time favorites – if I could somehow cuddle with this look, I would, because I love the […] […]

338/365 Days of Eyeshadow

By Sheila Arkee Today’s look is a combination of several colors that I just happen to love. Seafoam green, tan, purple … it’s a good thing. Base: MAC Bare Study Paint Pot Lid: MAC Tan Pigment Outer Corner: Girlactik Ballet Lower Lid: MAC DeMenthe Browbone: MAC Dazzlelight Liner (upper lid): MAC Boot Black Liquid Liner Liner […] […]

301/365 Days of Eyeshadow

By Sheila Arkee Since it is currently Spring, I wanted to evoke feelings of the season. Ethereal, soft, flowy … like a soft breeze on a warm sunny day. Ok, that just exceeded the cheese factor for the day. Sorry, couldn’t help myself! Base: MAC Bare Study Paint Pot Lid: MAC Tan Pigment Inner Lid/Lower […] […]

132/365 Days of Eyeshadow

By Sheila Arkee One question I am asked frequently is:  “How do you know you’re not repeating the same look?” The answer? It’s a challenge sometimes! I do have to check myself every once in a while and this was just one of those occasions. I knew I had used similar colors before, but the […] […]

Breaking Down Beauty: Let’s Talk Lips!

By Sheila Arkee Eyeshadow is definitely one of my focus points, but I do make an effort to make sure I have a coordinating color on my lips everyday. Here’s what I’ve been doing lately – along with a couple of lip enhancing tricks to make your pout really stand out. Nudes are typically the […] […]

106/365 Days of Eyeshadow

By Sheila Arkee MAC’s Tan pigment is one of the great loves of my life. Next to my son, iced coffee, and John Stamos. For serious. It’s a staple in my personal and professional makeup kits and I heartily recommend it to everyone. It’s gorgeous on the eyes, on the cheeks as a highlight, and even […] […]

43/365 Days of Eyeshadow

By Sheila Arkee I had this thought in my mind for this particular look … Ice Queen meets Little Mermaid. I wanted aqua and LOTS of it … and so I pile on tons and tons and tons of color, blended it well, and proceeded to razzle dazzle ’em. Lid: Aqua from Coastal Scents palette […] […]