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252/365 Days of Makeup 3.0

By Sheila Arkee These rich, golden Fall-inspired shadows are always my favorites. Give me golds, give me coppers, give me pumpkin colored shadows, and I am one very happy painted lady. Base: Prestige Primed & Ready Inner Lid: BFTE Dragon Slayer Outer Lid: MAC Coppering Crease: MAC Omega Outer Corner: MAC Fake Browbone: MAC Shroom […] […]

Stila Dark Brow Duo, darker shade

By Sheila Arkee As close as we are to the end of 365 Days of Eyeshadow, I had to give a quick shout out to the REAL star of the show, which is the Stila brow product I’ve used for nearly every day. And man, oh man, is it ever a work horse! I like the shape of […] […]