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Cosmetics Confessions: Clinique, My Makeup Gateway Brand Of Choice

By Sheila Arkee Okay, ladies & gents, it’s time to dish at our weekly open post. Pour the coffee, grab some donut holes, we’ll be here for awhile! From the chic green laquered packaging to the enticing (and mismatched) floral carboard outer packaging, Clinique was the brand that captured the attention of my young makeup-obsessed […] […]

Cosmetic Confessions: Your Gateway Makeup Brand

By Sheila Arkee We all started somewhere, with some major brand. You know, that one line that drew us in with their pretty packaging or a specific color of lipstick or shadow. And then all hell broke loose and a makeup fiend was born! For me it was Clinique – I was fascinated by the jade […] […]

I can’t LIVE without YOU! (Part One)

By Marlee Mortensen, The Blissfully Beautiful Babe At first, one might think I am talking about a man. Nope, nada, never, not me! Still as single and fabulous as I was before! I am talking about beauty here! These are the top beauty products that I would absolutely be LOST without! Over the last 16 […] […]

It IS Even Better!

By Megan I am a sucker for GWP’s, but lately I have been turning my nose up at the traditional fare. I mean, really Estee Lauder, how many tubes of Rosy Blush lipstick can one person own? Clinique, I have enough tubes of DDML to create a slip and slide in my living room (don’t […] […]

Your Gateway High-End Brand

By Sheila Since I’ve been taking walks down memory lane recently, talking about how I first started wearing makeup in the first place, I started thinking about my first forays into high-end makeup lines. Back when I came of age in Northern California in the mid-90’s, the prestige lines were few and far between. Of […] […]