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Natural Blonde Hair Woes (and what to do about them)

By Briget Blondes have more fun, they say. Perhaps, but we also have our own unique set of problems. I adore being a blonde, as it matches my (usually) sunny disposition. But we blondes have problems that our sisters with locks of other hues don’t have to contend with. A strand of naturally blonde hair […] […]

Vinegar – Not Just For Salads!

By Briget Several years ago, as I was channel surfing, I happened upon an old black and white rerun of The Dick Van Dyke show from the 50’s. I paused for a moment to check out Mary Tyler Moore’s flip and stirrup pants, and stayed for one of the most hilarious half hours of television I’ve […] […]

A Mona Lisa Brow

By Briget Somewhere in my late twenties, I decided I’d had enough of historical romance novels. The hero-man-lover was always the virile, manly-man, muscular type: I could almost smell the testosterone on the pages. Of course he also had an IQ of 150, owned a castle and ruled his fiefdom in a stern but kindly […] […]

Mavenette: Meet Briget

My first Junior High dance was coming up, and I desperately wanted to wear mascara. My mother refused to even think about it, saying, “No, you’re too young for make-up.” I begged, I cried, I pouted. Finally my mom tried to compromise, “You can wear my lipstick.” LIPSTICK? “NOBODY my age wears LIPSTICK”, I wailed. […] […]