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New Smoky Gold Eyeshadow Tutorial

By Sheila Arkee Earlier this month I took some time and put together a brand new smoky gold eyeshadow tutorial for the My Highest Self beauty blog. It features one of my favorite products for 2014 so far, Too Faced’s The Chocolate Bar palette. What a wonderful collection of shimmers and mattes. Enjoy the tutorial! [...] [...]

Breaking Down Beauty: 9 Steps To The Perfect “No Makeup” Makeup

By Sheila Arkee It’s been said that acheiving the perfect makeup application that doesn’t look like you’re wearing any makeup takes more products than a typical makeup application. Today I’m here to tell you that is absolutely true! The focus, as far as I’m concerned, is perfecting my skin, which is by no means perfect [...] [...]

3 Easy Steps To Banish Under Eye Circles With An Orange Corrector

By Sheila Arkee Although the quality of the BH Cosmetics 6 Color Concealer & Corrector palette in Medium left me feeling lukewarm, I really appreciate the fact that it includes an orange corrector which is a must have for anyone who needs some extra help with under eye circles. Under eye circles are a fact [...] [...]

Top 10 Reader Favorite Posts From 2013

By Sheila Arkee Happy New Year! 2014 I am so happy to see you and I feel really excited about what’s ahead. For the first day of the year I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the most popular posts published this year. There are a few that surprised me! [...] [...]

4 Easy Steps To Covering Hyperpigmentation

By Sheila Arkee Well, folks, it’s that time of year. Skin Freak Out 2013 has arrived. And it ain’t pretty. This is what happens when my hyperpigmented, dry, flaky skin isn’t properly concealed. Horrors! By the time the Fall and Winter months roll along, my skin decides to freak out and go on hiatus from [...] [...]

6 Steps To Flawless Red Lips

By Sheila Arkee While it’s always a good time to wear red lip colors, there’s something about the Holiday season that makes sultry red lipstick or lip gloss just that much more right. To make sure your red lips are done right, here are six easy steps to perfect this look and ensure your lips [...] [...]

Breaking Down Beauty: How To Give Yourself An Eyebrow Lift In 5 Seconds

By Sheila Arkee Contouring and highlighting the face is one of my favorite makeup tricks. Being able to change the shape of your face with a little powder, cream, and blending is truly amazing! Transforming your look with makeup doesn’t mean pulling out the whole shebang, however. Here’s are 3 easy steps to give yourself [...] [...]

Breaking Down Beauty: Halloween Makeup Butterfly Mask

Sponsored By Coupons.com By Sheila Arkee Believe it or not, I have never created a specific Halloween look in the entire four years plus of Painted Ladies history! [...]

Breaking Down Beauty: Purple and Mint Shimmery Smoky Eyes

By Sheila Arkee Eyeshadow is my very favorite thing in makeup and I really enjoy coming up with new combinations and trying a variety of looks. Loving smoky eyes so much, I find it’s necessary to change it up every now on then. For a different take on a traditional smoky lid, I love adding [...] [...]

Breaking Down Beauty: A Turquoise Gradient Eyeshadow Tutorial

By Sheila Arkee One of my favorite ways to make eyeshadow really s.tand out is to layer it with creamy products underneath the shadow. Keeping the creamy products below the crease is the best way to keep the shadow from migrating and the powder helps lock it on to your eyes. Here are a few [...] [...]