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If you don’t wash it off is it really cleansing? Relogy 3 Step Skincare review: Product (semi) Fail

By Wendy Larson Did anybody else feel like the “teen” magazines and chick flicks of our youth lied to us repeatedly?  Boys supposedly teased us because they were “like, so totally into us”, other girls tormented us because they were jealous of our awesome. More importantly the day we enter our 20’s our skin will […] […]

True or False: Mineral Oil Clogs Pores.

By Ilana Weiner My skin magazine, Skin Inc. recently had a great feature called “True or False”. The first one I want to highlight is about using oil on your skin. Most people are deathly afraid of oil. They must be flashing back to their teen years. In fact oil can be good for your […] […]