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Spotlight on La Femme Cosmetics

By Sheila

Don’t ask me how I know, but did you know that Disneyland issues a kit of La Femme Cosmetics to all of their princesses? True!

La Femme Cosmetics are the relatively unknown workhorse of the beauty industry. Mostly used behind the scenes by makeup artits and not sold on the mass market, the quality is truly exceptional, as is the low price point.

I don’t have a lot of La Femme products myself, but I cherish the items I own. They were mostly purchased at independent beauty stores, and only by having to ask the counter person if they had any La Femme. If the answer was yes, they’d haul out some dusty and grimy displays, from which I’d make my selections.

That bright blush may look scary in the pan, but when lightly applied properly blended, it is quite lovely. The shadows are all super pigmented, and at about $4 a pop, worth every single penny. The company is also renowned for their cake eyeliners, which are some of the best out there, along with their pigments, which give MAC a serious run for their money.

Now, finding La Femme products can be quite tricky. They’re available for sale at random mom-and-pop style beauty supply stores, and online at Probeautywarehouse.com. I’m not too sure how their customer service is, but if anyone can chime in, let me know. Avoid buying from Makeup Mania, because their customer service is notoriously shoddy!

Have you used La Femme products before?

  • http://www.rubysbeauty.com Lisa

    I’ve never heard of this brand! I will have to keep my eye out and see if I can find some anywhere.

  • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

    I tried to buy La Femme from Makeup Mania once before, but their site gave me a headache >_<

    I'd love to know if Napoleon Perdis still repackages La Femme products, and if so, which ones. You'd think with his big empire he could formulate all his own stuff.

  • admin

    I had no clue that Nalopoleon was repackaged la femme!

  • Michelle

    I know that NP repackages La femme loose shadows but not sure about the rest!

  • admin

    That’s interesting – I had no idea!

  • len v

    You can buy eyeshadows from CameraReadyCosmetics.com. I bought mine maybe 3 years ago, so I don’t remember how customer service was, but I can say that shipping was not bad, especially since I live in Hawaii. Good luck! :)

  • Vicki

    First learned about La Feeme products in 1986 and purchased many products at a locally owned beauty supply outlet in Long Beach, CA, and later in Fresno, CA. They’re make-up remover, astringents and mosturer are the best on the market. They do a great job without burning your eys and skin. As they are hard to find I have most often purchased them directly from La Femme by calling ahead, having them calculate shipping charges, et al and I send a check.

  • Rioja Russell

    Hi I find La Femme cosmetics few months ago here online..and i fold in love with them,i used now for about 9 months ..Im a Female Impersonator and La Femme give me a wonderful look …and the prices..WOW! very affordable…

  • admin

    I’m so glad you love them, Rioja!

  • Jessica Fahey

    I own a small boutique in Myrtle Beach, SC and I sell all of the Lefemme Cosmetics. I love their products and use them personally. You can can check our website the first of January to see the line of Lefemme that we offer…hitthecatwalk.com

  • Nikki

    I bought La Femme products from Makeupmania.com and I too heard about their customer service. I receieved my products in a timely matter and when they forgot to send out an blush I told them about it and they sent it out as well as sent me out a full size sample of another blush.

  • Claire

    I love these cosmetics!!

    I live in Australia and they arent easy to get over here but Im going to Hawaii tomorrow …

    im just wondering if you know of anywhere in hawaii that stocks la femme cosmetics??

    much love

    PS- ive also heard that NP rebrands these products

  • admin

    Hi Claire!

    I’m not sure, but you might want to try contacting the company directly – http://www.lafemmeproducts.com/

    About NP, I’ve heard similar stories! One secret about the beauty industry is that certain products – like blushes and eyeshadows – are from private label companies like Your Name Cosmetics.

  • Claire

    Thanx so much for your fast response … ill give their website a try

    much love

  • http://Ballbeauty.com Mimi

    Hi ladies, just to let you know that ballbeauty.com sells a variety of la femme products. Great shipping and easy to shop with….check it out.