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Some Cool Japanese Beauty Knick Knacks From Daiso

By Sheila Arkee

Daiso is a discount Japanese store that recently opened up in my ‘hood where everything, except for selected and marked products, sells for $1.50. The Daiso I frequent is actually right next door to another Japanese market that carries more expensive items, but the difference is negligible as far as I’m concerned. Although from past experience I don’t vouch for their makeup, the deals on cotton swabs, cotton pads, skin care products, false lashes and other knick knacks are beyond compare. Hooray for Daiso!

Here are a couple of fun items I found recently, including a case for my false lashes! I love it! It comes with a magnetized mirror and partitions that allow you to separate your lashes. Who doesn’t need this?!?!


Also, a silicone face scrubber, which is my $1.50 Clairsonic and Olay Pro X alternative. Awesomeness. It works so well and it’s great to just take in the shower for clean, clean skin.



Do you have any recent bargain finds?