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Smoky Eyeshadow Tutorials & Inspiration

By Sheila Arkee

Just like hot chocolate, warm sweaters, nippy weather, and the arrival of your W-2 Form after the New Year, smoky eyes are an integral part of the Holiday season. I love smoky eyes for any time of the year, but you’ll find me doing the dance of joy come the Winter months, because they are embraced by all. Through the past 3.5 years I’ve done many a smoky eye look and tutorial – here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

A basic smoky shadow video tutorial, straight my my old apartment’s kitchen (lol).

A smoky green shadow tutorial.

A subtle, smoky shadow tutorial.

Purple and gold smoky lids tutorial.

Kardashian-inspired subtle smoky eyes.

Brown and silver smoky.

Olive green.

Reverse smoky eyes.

Glittery smoky eyes.

If you’re following me on Pinterest, you will find a plethora of smoky eye inspiration – check out my Makeup Love board, which I’m always updating!

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