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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips – A Review

By Wendy Larson

Where were these things when I went to Prom?

Day 1

Day 7

Ever since I saw a picture of Katy Perry wearing pictures of Oompa Loompas on her nails I’ve been interested in Minx manicures.  From what I understand happens in a Minx mani, a nail artist places a strip of printed lacquer on the nail, smooths it down and shines a UV light on it to affix the strip.  Unfortunately this service costs around $40 bucks and no salon in my area offers it.

Enter the sheer awesomeness that is Sally Hansen.  I love all of their other nail polishes that they carry and when I saw a display for the Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in 24 different colors and patterns I kind of freaked out… seriously I made a weird guttural squeal.  Then when I saw the price ($9.99) I giggled maniacally and grabbed a zebra print called “Wild Child.”

I know Sephora carries OPI strips that are similar but for $15 bucks and no designs that I like I’ve always passed on them.

The box comes with 16 strips of nail polish, an orange stick, and a small nail file, no UV light necessary.  Sally Hansen claims that these strips will last 10 days and that once you want to remove it, just to use regular polish remover.  I don’t know about the 10 day claim, it’s been 7 days for me and most of the polish is still on, however there is a lot of chipping around the cuticle area.  Regular polish lasts on me about 3 or 4 days because I am brutal on my nails. The Polish Strips lasted a good 5 days on me in perfect condition before they started to go south…which is a small miracle, especially after not using a top coat.

Overall, I was shocked at how good these were.  I do wish that there were more prints in the collection. (there are currently 11 prints, 8 neon colors, and 5 glitters)   I’m not sure what the point of the solid colors is, since you can easily find colors like that in regular nail polish.  Another plus is that drug stores often have BOGO sales on Sally Hansen products, so these aren’t going to break the bank.

You can also find these strips at Drugstore.com.

  • http://www.kwillis.com Katherine

    KILLER! I’ve wondered about these working. Will have to try them on my next girls night out!

  • Stephanie

    that is awesome! I need to go check them out

  • http://www.toolbx.com/ Kathie

    I am going to try these! I have seen and loved them, but wasn’t sure if they would last or just chip off. Thanks for the review!

  • Wendy

    Sure thing!
    I’m a total sucker for stuff like this.

  • Misty

    These things are really amazing HOWEVER check the box. I bought two different designs and both boxes only came with a total of 8 strips instead of the advertised 16.

  • Audrey

    There should have been two seperate vaccuum sealed packages with eight strips each. One for each hand. Mine had 16.

  • Trisha

    Misty, you might want to double check your box. they come with 2 separate packs with 8 strips. One is placed diagonally into the box, and the other is along the front of the box. The example of the design that you see on the front of the box is actually the 2nd pack of strips. it is not super obvious and I thought the same thing when i first opened them.
    Anyway, I LOVE these things. I obsessively change my nail polish if it starts to chip at all. I am a recovering nail biter so I have to keep them looking nice to keep myself from biting them. A couple weeks ago i was getting ready for a 5 day vacation in Vegas and I didn’t want to have to bring nail polish with me and be touching up my nails every couple days. I had noticed these in the drug store so i looked up reviews online and decided to buy them. They are amazing, a little hard to apply straight the first time, but I just applied them for the second time and they were much easier with a little practice. The strips lasted for my entire trip (with a topcoat). about 3 days into my trip I went to a buffet at which I ate many crab legs. the nutcracker things weren’t working well on them so I was basically ripping the crab shell with my thumbnail, and they didn’t chip at all. In my opinion this was the ultimate test and they passed. They also make your nails feel very hard and strong. Great product!

  • Ally

    I absolutely love these.. They’re basically all I use anymore… The morePractice you get the better they are and the longer they last! Since they go on as one Solid strip they are less likely to chip especially at the tips (where my manicures ALWAYS chip off) Also, longer nails make these easier to put on but they’re a great solution for people who have a hard time letting their nails grow as they harden/strengthen your natural nails. I apply a top coat (nailtique or daby) after first applying the strips and every other day beyond that… I can make these strips last 10 to 14 days… And finally, after some practice I was able to use only one pack of 8 strips for both hands. I apply one strip and at the break off point on the tip of my nail I remove the excess in one piece and apply it to my opposite hand (this works best if you don’t touch the sticky side too frequently if you can help it)… If done successfully you will have saves the second pack of 8 for the next time! One final note, once the nail packs are open you need to use the strips within a few hours… Once they dry out they will no longer stick… Pretty disappointing when I tried saving some for touch ups… All in all I love this product! The cheapest I’ve found them were online or in the grocery store.. CVS pharmacies are by far the most expensive
    I’ve seen, upwards of $11…

  • Candace

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these things, and I will NEVER paint my nails again!! I tried once after using these Sally Hansen Salon effects for about the third time to just paint my nails, and they got bumped, chipped etc…. I drove straight to the drug store, purchased polish remover, and a new box of the SALON effects!! LOL.. they are like fingernail crack for me!! I always put a quick dry top coat of clear polish over mine because I type everyday at work, and I am so rough on my nails. But I also find that using these makes my own nails stronger, and stops them from cracking on the sides, and breaking as well as making them just plain look AWESOME!! I used the plain red on all of my fingers, and then used the design called I Love Lacey on my Thumbs just to jazz em up a bit…. I[ve found that the left over strips do dry out also which is a bummer, but I still LOVE them!!