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Review: TouchBack Eye Brow Marker

By Leticia

This is exactly how it sounds. It is a marker for filling in and shaping your brows. I had never used a marker before, and was curious as to whether or not this would replace the matte brown eyeshadow I currently use.

The marker has a very fine point. Unfortunately, it is too soft, and I found I could not make precise strokes with it. It squishes quite easily with very little effort. If I used it lightly to try for fine strokes, then I ended up with little to no product applying to my skin. If I pressed enough to get decent pigmentation, then I ended up with wide lines on my skin. I was intending to use this to do fine, short strokes to emulate hairs but couldn’t do it. The wide strokes weren’t a problem filling in the thicker part of my brow, but looked silly toward the outer ends where they thin out.

This shade is medium brown, which I think is a pretty accurate name. Here you get an idea of just how thick the pen strokes kept turning out. The pigmentation is a little too lacking for my taste. I suppose if I really took the time I could eventually get the stroke width and fill in my brows to my liking, but it would have taken far too long then I feel it should just to do my brows.

All in all I didn’t hate this product, but I didn’t love it and won’t be purchasing. If you have thick brows and just need to feel in a couple of sparse spots, this might work for you. But for my brows this just didn’t work.

My recommendation: Pass for thin brows and a maybe for thick brows

*Product provided for review

  • ninjagato

    What was the staying power like?

  • CC

    Thank you! This is exactly the kind of real review I was looking for. I was about to buy, but hesitant

  • Linda Katz

    Excellent and quite helpful review. I have tried this type of product before and had the same problem you discuss. I was hoping this product would be better, but thanks to you I don’t have to purchase it to find out it’s not.

  • Karen

    I just received the marker in the mail today and, IMO, it’s a complete dud! I totally agree with this review -the color doesn’t flow to the end of the felt tip. You have to actually bend the tip to squeeze out any of the color and then it’s a gloppy mess on your brows. Sorry I made the purchase before reading this review!

  • Carol Vincent

    Thank you for being so forth coming…I too was prepared to spend the $20.00 thinking that powders are less than desirable, pencils can work well if super sharp every single time resulting in wasted lead. Hoping that this felt tip and liquid would be the answer…back to pencils.

  • Denise

    I am not in love with this product. It does have stayin power but thats about it. You cannot draw fine hair lines and I find myself applying a brow powder on top to give my brows depth. Also the skin must be very clean without a hint of oil or powder for the product to apply to the skin. I have stored it tip down hoping to coax color to the tip but end up smooshing it on my brow and then using a lash brush to kind of work it through the brows. Will try Laura Geller next time.

  • http://mackeyfam@charter.net Kath

    Years ago, Max Factor, and then Revlon, made a mechanical pencil with very fine “leads” which worked beautifully—no sharpening, and the crayon was firm enough to make the exact fine line you wanted. It wasn’t expensive–about $8 for the metal pencil, and about $4 for the refills. Of course, they stopped making them for some reason…I have looked for years for something similar, and thought this might do, but it looks like not. Maybe I’ll try a superfine Sharpie next…! Thank you for an objective review.