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Review: BeneFit’s They’re Real! Mascara

By Thu Ngo

Because I’m so terrible at applying false eyelashes, I am constantly on the look for a mascara that will give me that lush, thick fringe look. Recent hullabaloo over BeneFit’s new mascara, They’re Real!, caught my attention, and I just had to give it a try. 

One intriguing thing to note about They’re Real! is the brush:

It’s the spiky plastic kind, rather than having brush bristles, but that’s nothing new of course. What sets this one apart is the very tip, which has a spherical spiky tip, similar to Givenchy’s Phenomen’eyes. You can apply the mascara normally, and then use the tip to separate lashes and do a little touch-up wherever needed.

I liked this mascara a lot. It definitely gave my lashes a dramatic flair:

The spherical tip is really, really great for separating my lashes if they get clumpy, but my warning is that you should make sure to scrape the excess mascara off the tip before using it that way. I tend to find that mascara brushes pick up a LOT of excess product at the tip, and this one is no exception.

My only issue is that at the end of the day, if I’m feeling tired, the mascara makes my lashes feel a little heavy, and my eyes feel a little uncomfortable. (And I definitely compared this one to my other mascaras, and that discomfort happened a lot more with this mascara than my other ones.) Also, that sucker HURTS when you accidentally poke yourself in the eye with it. Ow. Must be the spikes.

But otherwise, I’m completely in love with this mascara. It doesn’t flake into my eyes, it gives me a great amount of length and volume, and it’s a great, dark black. If you can spare the $22, I would definitely recommend it.

  • http://Blog.katydidknits.com Trillian42

    I got a sample of that at Sephora, and I agree – it’s nice stuff!

  • http://yahoo Yuki

    I’ve used this mascara several times and it’s great. What’s not so great is the next day. I’m not good at removing my eye makeup at night, so the next morning, I wake up with clumpy eye lashes. These suckers really stick to each other. When I do get out the eye make up remover, I always end up losing a couple lashes. Otherwise, this is great stuff.

    ttfn :) Yuki

  • Wendy

    Yuki- have you ever tried Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple? It does a fantastic job of taking off mascara. It seems to work best with water that’s as warm as you can stand it, then take a little on your finger and rub against your lashes. Since I’ve been using it I haven’t lost any lashes.

  • http://editionsofthu.blogspot.com Thu

    @Yuki – Check out my earlier review of La Fresh wipes. The waterproof makeup remover wipes totally just melt off all makeup. They’re FANTASTIC. (They do contain oil, which will need to be washed off, but still, they’re miraculous.)

  • http://yahoo Yuki

    Ladies, thanks for your advise. I use Lancome make up remover with very good results. When I am on the run, Mac wipes work very well. I don’t think the problem of losing lashes is due to my make up remover.

    I think it’s because my lashes get clumped together after wearing the Benefit mascara over night, that’s the issue.

    When I use other mascaras (I’m a mascara junkie) and my usual removal routine, everything seems fine.

    ttfn :) Yuki

  • Mischka

    I LOVE this mascara! It made my lashes super long and beautiful. I’ve been getting tons of compliments. I have tried more expensive brands and Benefit’s They’re Real is the Best!!