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Red Apple Lipstick Is Vegan Delight For Your Lips

Press Sample

By Sheila Arkee

Going in to my experience with Red Apple Lipstick, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. All natural makeup that is free of any irritant, or non-cruelty free ingredients? We’ve all been there, done that, and have nothing but products that spoiled way too early or were too gritty to ever see the light of day again.


Thankfully, Red Apple Lipstick has taken the case of vegan, gluten free, paraben free, mineral free, and cruelty free lip products to an entirely new level of amazing. It may sound strange to emphasize this, but Gluten free makeup is important for people who deal with celiac disease and cannot ingest any kind of gluten producs.


I had the pleasure of trying some of their lipsticks and glosses, and can say with all honesty that I am surprised that they are so good. While the texture is different than a typical lipstick,  I found them to be creamy, long-wearing, and non-drying. The lipsticks can be layered, built upon, and come with a nice, non-cloying fragrance.


Plum Sexy Crazy is my favorite of the lipsticks I tried. The color is reminiscent of MAC’s O lipstick and quite lovely.


Then there’s Love My Kiss, a really pretty pink.


And Secrets, wihich is a light pink with gold undertones.


As for Red Apple’s gloss? Fabulous!


The proof? It’s in the pudding.


Layered with Plum Sexy Crazy

If this is vegan style that’s good for you, I’m all over it. Red Apple lipsticks retail for $17.50 and the lipglosses for$18.50. You can find Red Apple products online.

  • http://southernbeautyblog.wordpress.com Heather

    Love my kiss is a perfect color for the season, and pretty much all year long :) I like that it’s not to pink but not to red :)

  • Elizabeth

    OOhhhh….I have been looking for an updated version of “O.” Am in love with the “Plum Sexy Crazy” lipstick! It will be mine. :) What is the texture of the glosses comparable to?

  • http://www.painted-ladies.com Sheila – Painted Ladies

    It’s hard to describe the glosses – not tacky at all, but substantial and with a slip. I think most similar to Stila glosses. :)