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Pros And Cons Of Laser And Electrolysis

By Aleya Bamdad

Aleya has been performing electrolysis and laser hair removal on Long Island for seven years. She has worked on people from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds and strives to always give the best possible results.

With all of the advertising we are bombarded with every day, figuring out whether laser or electrolysis is the right form of hair removal can be confusing for anyone. The best way to get the results that you want is to know your facts so that you can make a decision that won’t haunt you later on. Here’s a simple breakdown.

What You Need To Know About Laser

Pro– You only have to do seven laser sessions to see results. There are technicians that try to tell you to keep coming in until all of the hair is gone but it’s best to avoid those people. If the hair is going to go, it will go with seven, not twenty seven treatments. If you really want to push the envelope however, keep it below ten.

Pro– Laser is really fast. You can get your upper lip, chin or underarms treated in less than five minutes. Full legs take less than an hour and fifteen minutes. And so on. Depending on the area that you’re getting worked on, you can make your appointments to take place during your lunch hour.

Pro– If you’re very sensitive, you’ll be happy to know that because the treatments are so fast, you won’t feel any sort of pain for too long of a time. In general, the areas that hurt the most are the underarms, the lower leg and the Brazilian area. In the case of the underarms, the treatment is so fast that you will barely have time to complain before the treatment is over. As for the lower leg, it’s just the bone in the front that may hurt a bit, but the back and the sides aren’t even noticeable. The Brazilian……. You can either take some Advil or numb it with a topical numbing cream to reduce or eliminate the pain.

Con– Laser is not permanent hair removal, it’s permanent hair reduction. What this means is that you’re not killing the hairs so they may come back two years after you’ve finished your sessions. The good news is that once the hairs do come back, there will be fewer of them and they will be lighter. All you have to do is get one treatment a year to make the hairs disappear again.

Con– You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who will guarantee that 100% of your hairs will disappear. The laser companies guarantee 30 to 70% reduction but oftentimes people see do see results in the higher range of the spectrum. Some even see 80 or 90% reduction.

Con– Laser only works on people who have thick, dark hairs so if you have blond, red, light brown, white or grey hair don’t waste your money. If you have thick, black hairs on the other hand, you should definitely consider it.

Con– Because the technology is so expensive and the service is in such high demand, laser treatments can get very expensive. If you’re looking to save, you can always head over to your favorite discount site or get a few friends together and ask for a price reduction.

Con– It’s very easy to burn with this technique. The best way to avoid this is to get a test shot before going in for treatments and to make sure to not use any lotion, perfume, oil or deodorant in the area to be treated.

What You Need To Know About Electrolysis

Pro– Electrolysis is the only form of permanent hair removal in the world. Once the roots are dead they will NEVER come back. Some people say that they did electrolysis treatments years ago and the hairs did come back. It’s important to remember that new hairs that have never been treated before can suddenly grow out when you have hormonal changes.

Pro– Regardless of your skin and hair color or the thickness of your hair, you are a good candidate for electrolysis.

Pro– It’s very difficult to burn someone with electrolysis. It can happen, but the technician will have to really put their mind to it.

Con– Since each hair is treated individually, the process is very, very time consuming. Unfortunately there’s no way to truly say how long you will have to go for treatments before seeing results but if you’re patient you will see them.

Con– Sometimes people with sensitive skin gets scab marks after being treated. Applying Neosporin or Aloe Vera daily can speed up the healing process.

Con– There’s no real way to be able to tell how many treatments someone will need to get results. In the case of electrolysis, you really do have to keep going in until the job is done.

Whether you decide to go with laser or electrolysis, it’s always important to make sure to use a technician that you trust. Getting referrals may be helpful as well.