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Product Meh: Impress Press-On Manicure Review

By Wendy Larson

With the recent onslaught of nail decal stickers like Incoco and Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure Polish Strips, I was interested by the concept of the press on “polish”.  The nail covers are are supposed to be like gel nails, however I was hoping they would be more along the lines of a shellac polish than a Lee Press On nail set from 6th grade.  Unfortunately, they  are most definitely press on nails.

There are definitely pros and cons to this product.  There are tons of different colors and designs, they’re simple to apply, have several widths for all kinds of fingernails, the adhesive is strong and already comes applied to the back of the nail cover. However, and this is a big however, there is only one length.  I’m used to semi-short nails, so having super long nails all of a sudden was hard to get used to, and ultimately why I removed them 24 hours later. Unlike the press on’s of my childhood the adhesive is strong, won’t come unstuck in the shower and comes off easily without leaving a gooey residue on my nails.

So the verdict?  This is sooooo close to being a win.  If the nails came in a shorter “sport” length or could easily be filed down I would have enjoyed them much more.  I think they would be fun for Prom or a wedding and would be a good, cheap, noncommittal way to try out “fake nails” before you go to the salon and invest time and money into getting them professionally done. They’re a nice product.  I was pleasantly surprised by them, though I wouldn’t purchase them again.

The look I have on my nails is called “Holla!”

  • http://www.blushingnoir.com Brooke @ BlushingNoir

    I’m not a fan of these either =\ Very 80’s lol

  • http://www.kwillis.com Katherine Willis

    I had the EXACT same reaction! I purchased the same brand of nails, but in a crimson red, put them on, and within 5 minutes of walking out the door to my big event pulled them off because I was uncomfortable with the length. Big win if they offer them in a shorter “sport” length. I HATE french manicures, but those seem to be the only product offering in that length. Oy.

  • Wendy

    @Brooke- that’s exactly what my boyfriend said. “They’re cool in an 80’s sorta way” The print I got sorta reminded me of “Holiday” era Madonna.

    @Katherine- Seriously! How do women who rock the Flo-Jo length nails function? I could barely zip my jeans.