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Prestige Total Intensity Liquid Liner In Tattoo Will Make A Permanent Impression On Your Makeup Kit

By Sheila Arkee

One budget friendly beauty brand that is doing all kinds of right these days is Prestige Cosmetics. Their new Total Intensity line of products brings “it” to the table, with pigmentation and performance that would have you thinking you are using something not so easy on the wallet. Liquid Liner is my “thing” and the latest on my love list is Prestige Total Intensity Against All Odds Liquid Liner in Tattoo.


With a felt-tip this liner just glides right on. And has you singing Phil Collins while you’re at it – never a bad thing!


If you’re looking for an easy-to-apply liquid liner that won’t smudge, flake, or otherwise budge until you’re ready, then this might be the perfect liner for you.


Here’s a quick beauty tip if you’ve ever felt challenged by liquid liner – use a pencil liner as a stencil. Easy, right? Prep your lids for liquid liner by applying your liner with a pencil, then go over the line with a liquid liner.  It will save you so much stress, I promise! And yes, even I was a klutz of all klutzes when I first started using liquid liner. It gets easier with practice, so don’t ever fret if you look like well, a mess.

You can find Prestige Total Intensity Liquid Liner ($9.49) in-stores and online at Ulta.

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