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Oldies but Goodies: My Essentials

By Sheila

I think we all have those certain products we’ll never give up – the tried-and-true favorites that have served us so well since we first picked them up. Here are mine:


Courtesy of Maccosmetics.com

1. MAC Sketch Eyeshadow: This eggplant shade is one of my favorites because it just looks so good as one of the accent colors in my eyeshadow applications. It also works well as an eyeliner and helps my brown eyes POP!

2. MAC Nymphette Lipgloss: I am simply gaga over this rose-gold gloss. Simple and flattering and that gold undertone just happens to go with EVERYTHING, every lipstick and every eyeshadow color.

Courtesy of Stilacosmetics.com

Courtesy of Stilacosmetics.com

3. Stila Convertible Colors: These are the creme de la creme (pun intended) of any cream blush  I’ve ever tried.  The colors are great, easy to work with, and they last FOR-EV-ER! No, really, you’ll never hit pan on any of these!

4. MAC Blot Powder Pressed: Simply the BEST. This comes with me everywhere and it’s amazing how a little bit of powder can sop up grease and keep things looking good for hours on end. Well, maybe not hours, but for a very long time!

Courtesy of Mycarmex.com

5. Carmex: I remember being in elementary school and watching one of my daycare teachers pull the tub version of this out of her purse. I was fascinated, and couldn’t wait until I was old enough to buy my own. Being kind of a germaphobe, I stick with the squeeze tube version these days.

People claim that the menthol that is a vital part of Carmex isn’t good for your lips, but I refuse to believe! In fact, it makes my lips a bit plumper, and the salicylic acid keeps my lips exfoliated and soft.

P.S. The Carmex website is adorable! Who knew?!

What are your tried-and-true favorites?

  • Gabriela

    I also love the Stila Convertible Colors. They are great!