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My Very Favorite Eyeshadow Combination

By Sheila

I am guilty. Guilty of loving a certain eyeshadow combination so much that I barely wear it anymore.

Yes, I overwore this look to the point where I realized I should branch out a bit more and wear different combos, and alas, I realized it had been eons since I’d donned my favorite color choices. Has that ever happened to you?

I was digging through some eyeshadows yesterday when I happened across my three favorite eyeshadow colors ever … I mean, if I were forced to choose between a few colors to take to a deserted island, these would come right along with me.

They’re all by MAC, and they’re Phloof, Amber Lights, and Sketch. Gorgeous in so many ways and so many possibilities. 

Here’s how I wear the colors:

Cast of Characters:

MAC Bare Study Paint Pot (not pictured)

MAC Phloof eyeshadow

MAC Amber Lights eyeshadow

MAC Sketch eyeshadow

2 of MAC’s #217 brush

MAC #242 brush

MAC Phone Number Eye Kohl

MAC Boot Black Liquid Liner

Mascara of your choice

Step 1: Prime your lid! I used MAC’s Bare Study paint pot, my holy grail eye prime. 

Step 2: Using a flat brush pat the base color, Amber Lights, on your eye lid up to and a bit beyond the crease. Pat, pat, pat that color on!

Step 3: Using a clean, fluffly brush (in this case MAC’s #217) blend the heck out of the crease using soft, circular motions – you don’t want to make it look like there are any lines, just a nice, soft blend.

Step 4: Use a separate clean, fluffly brush to make a sideways “v” in your outer corners (see my full tutorial here), and blend, blend, blend the heck out of this, as well.

Step 5: I didn’t use Phloof in this set of photos, but you can use it on your browbone for an added POP!

Step 6: I used MAC’s Phone Number Eye Kohl, a charcoal grey I love better than black, to line my inner rims. You just stick that pencil in your eye (sounds horrible, I know) and drag it along the waterline.

See? With no other liner, that looks pretty great, but I like my cat eyes, so ….

Step 7: Line with liquid liner (see tutorial here), finish off with mascara, and FIERCE!

What are some of your favorite eyeshadow combos?

  • http://thevinylwordandothermusings.blogspot.com Deb

    I like doing a combo with two of my favorite MAC Starflash shades, Rated R and Smoke & Diamonds. I put Rated R all over the lid and then Smoke & Diamonds in the outer V and blended into the crease. You get a sort of smoky eye with a pop of intense green on the inside corner of the eye.

  • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

    This is soooo pretty 😀

    I’m guilty of doing a light shimmery almost gold colour on the lid, with a light shimmery brown in the crease, and a dark brown to deepen the crease

  • admin

    Ooh! Pretty! I love green eyeshadow. :)

  • http://www.rubysbeauty.com Lisa

    My favorite is using Revlon’s Cream Eyeshadow quad in Not just Nudes. I love how they have a little shimmer to them, and they are all different shades of brown which looks really good with my blue eyes. I will be repurchasing for sure once it’s used up.