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My Trip to the ESalon

By Natasha

I haven’t had my hair dyed professionally at a salon in 6 years, and even then I only got a few blond highlights.  I wouldn’t consider myself cheap (especially when it comes to beauty) but I can’t justify getting my hair dyed for a number of reasons:

  • The time.  Sitting there, making small talk, watching your head marinate.  I can barely pencil in dentist appointments, let alone hours at the salon.
  • The quality.  I’m still not fully convinced “professional” dye lasts longer or is any better for my hair.  Even as a blonde, I’ve gotten pretty good results from box dye.  My application skills are good… enough.
  • The price.  I have a massive head of hair- it would cost a fortune.

While perusing a magazine article on hair dye, I came across www.ESalon.com, a custom hair color website.  Long before Ke$ha, there has been Cu$tom, the prefect-for-you product with a big price (RIP Prescriptives.)  Still, I immediately logged on to explore color options.  I was pleasantly surprised by what ESalon had to offer: an array of questions, all about my hair, and a promise of the perfect color for only $22.  Each bottle of color is blended to order, personally labeled, and shipped.  I was instantly intrigued, and though it was a decent price between drugstore and salon.  Glancing at my faded strands, at one time “Cinnamon Stick,” I thought maybe it was time to throw in the towel on my box dye.


I completed the thorough survey, which included questions regarding my hair’s texture, original color, current color, and my desired color.  I had been sporting a mahogany brown for five months now, and was ready to go for true chocolate.  Because they knew my hair was warm, ESalon warned that I might get warmer results, and asked if I’d prefer my new blend to be more neutralized to avoid this.  Since I’m all about cool tones, I decided to go full on neutral dark brown.  Since I have long thick hair, I received two bottles of color for no extra charge.  With tax and 2-day shipping, my total came to $26.77.  Quite a steal!

In just two days, a beautiful box arrived at my door!  This is the crème de la crème of at-home dye.  All the bottles said “Formulated for Natasha,” and I received everything I’d ever need to dye like a pro.  I received four good-quality hair clips, a sturdy dye bowl and brush, a fabulous smock, stain remover, stain guard, conditioning treatment, and two pairs of gloves (real gloves, not sandwich bags shaped like hands.)  I followed the directions (once again, customized to my hair needs), which included a step that involved mixing leftover dye with water and sudsing up the hair to get even color, and was immediately impressed with the results.


Shiny, deep brown hair I’ve always dreamed of!  It has been almost two weeks and I’m very happy with the results.  My hair loves to fade into red (it misses its days as a blonde) but I only have the slightest reddish brown tint to my hair.  The soft, lustrous texture is what I’m most impressed with.

Whenever I’d like a touch up, all I have to do is log in and re-order, and my custom color will be sent my way (I can always change my preferences, too).  Whether you’ve been a faithful salon lady or a cheapie box-girl, ESalon is an experience worth trying at least once.

  • Hair colorist

    I love that you do your own hair! I will pass on some info I have learned to you.

    The boxes of color bought at the grocery store always contain high amount of peroxide. This damages your hair and if your coloring your entire head over and over, your hair is what we call overdyed. Layer upon layer of old color.

    No doubt, this new kit you’ve found will be healthier for your hair because the peroxide will be down to about a 10 volume developer. (Only 3% peroxide) Which means, in laymens terms, you are only depositing color. Going from a light brown to a dark brown is easy, and shouldn’t require more than a 10 volume developer. But when you use box dye from the store, a much stronger developer is used. They don’t care about the health of your hair.

    Only about 2 companies exist that MAKE the haircolor. MANY companies package it up and sell it. If someone makes a mistake with box color, these companies just make more money when I fix it at the salon.

    I love to help people with questions about DIY haircolor! Here are some rules to keep in mind:

    1.Never color your whole head unless you are completely changing your color. If you have roots, just do the roots.
    2. You can’t simply dye hair lighter once you’ve dyed it dark. You’d first have to strip out your permanent dye, or even bleach it out if you’ve overdyed your hair many times. Damaging to say the least. Only go dark you want to stay dark a long time.
    3. Dye works WITH your natural pigment. If you are a brunette, never chose a shade that looks red, it’s not necessary, you have the red in your pigment, built-in!
    4. If you’ve dyed your hair before, your hair is porous. Choose a lighter shade to compensate. My girlfriend wanted to go medium brown, and chose a brown shade. (She didn’t ask me first!) Well, her hair turned out BLACK. Needless to say, if she would have asked me, I would have recommended she go for a dark BLONDE. She would have gotten a beautiful brown, because of the porosity of her hair.

    There are many factors involved in dying your hair, I love to answer any questions about it if you ever have any! Oh and one more thing: I could have provided you with a shopping list for the beauty supply store, and saved you a bundle :-) A bottle of developer, a tube of color…about 7 or 8 dollars. Of course you need a brush and a bowl to mix it in 😉

  • Miss Boom

    I think I got my hair colored professionally about 3 times. After that, I realized what a rip off it was. $70 for a one process root touch-up? WhatEVAR. So I started doing it myself, and while the color wasn’t the same, it only cost me about $1 per touch-up.

    This product look great, and your hair is soooo shiny.

  • Hair colorist

    Oh I forgot to say in my first comment: your new haircolor is very rich and gorgeous looking!

  • ninjagato

    Every time I’ve gone to the salon to get my hair colored (even at expensive “quality” salons) they’ve messed it up horribly. Once I got chunky highlights but the colorist didn’t bother painting the color all the way through my hair in the back so I had a leopard print effect in the back…which would have been neat if that’s what I was going for.
    I’ve ALWAYS gotten better results from a box at home doing it MYSELF….I’ve also gotten more compliments from doing it myself.

  • http://prettytastyreviews.blogspot.com prettytastyreviews.blogspot.com

    Looks like a neat concept.
    I think I will order instead of my usual dye.
    I’m “lucky” I can buy professional hair colour at the store/salon. They always come in tubes, but then you need to have everything else separate is it never comes in a “kit”.
    For my hair colour tube Wella Colourcharm it costs around $13 (get 2 uses for me), then developer ($2), bowl and brush (if i do not already have them…)

    I am not really sure how drugstore hair dye works as I have always been told it can damage the hair a lot.
    Also I noticed most of the drugstore hair dye has a undertone of RED I do not want.

    At the moment I prefer a golden brown.

  • sally smith

    colored my hair today with my first e-salon order..very pleased with the results

  • pauline burkhart

    I am using it and I love the results.
    Long lasting color.

  • Margaret

    This sounds like a great idea. I have extremely dark brown hair and when I color it myself I am never happy. It always has a slight red tint to it. When I have had it colored at the salon I have been paying way too much. My hair never, ever shines anymore, and I think it has something to do with the products I’ve been using. Your picture shows that your hair is really shiny, after your coloring. I may purchase this product.

  • Carol Smith

    I am not yet ready to be grey. My hair has never been colored at a salon. I do it my self, but it comes out with re under tones. The other problem it never last more than about 2 washings
    What happens is the grey comes back around the edges and in the top very fast. What I am trying to get is a soft light brown not a black which is too harsh for 67. I have tried several brands with the same result a darker shade tan what I am lookinf for. Any suggestions, by the way my hair is also thinning and short. Short is ok, thinning no.

  • http://http//www.bing.com Donna

    Natural color is medium brown. Number 5. Daughter used to work at a salon. Now I color my own hair which is very coarse and dry. Used Loreal for three years. Evey twelve to sixteen weeks. Hate the color. Seems to be to dark. Fifty six year of age. Like to have a healthy head of hair. No pictures to send. Any sugestions.

  • Mrs. Beasley

    Unfortunately, ALL hair color contains some kind of chemical which I am highly allergic to. My natural color (eyebrows, elsewhere) is very dark brown. My head hair is nearly white.

    I had to stop using ALL color when my scalp broke out into large weeping sores which spread to my neck and shoulders…I spent 12 hours in the ER while they shot me up with adrenalin and other antihistamines.

    NEVER again. It’s not the peroxide. It’s one of the first ingredients, which starts with a small a- (meaning “alpha” something). I will NEVER color my hair again, nor should you.

  • Mrs. Brown

    Mrs Beasley I was so glad to read your post I have the same problem with hair dye. I have a few questions for you please. My hair is also grey/white and my colorist used blonde highlights and the back of my head just a shade darker. I must say I was so happy with the results. Later that night I stared reacting just like you. Mine went on for days nearly a week after an adrenalin injection at the Urgent Care and a round of steroids,antihistamines, and a second trip to the ER.

    What color did you use on your hair? Did you you go dark brown if so I was told that it was the PPD in dark dye only. Who was it that it was “alpha something”?? If you would please let me know. I truly loved my new color and would very much like to nail down the culprit down.

    By the way this happened to me about 20+ yrs with a light/med brown color done in a salon.

    Thanks hope to hear from you soon and others with any more information.

  • DIY Chick

    Due to the grays I faithfully went to the salon for a single-process root touch up, I just couldn’t justify the estimated $55-$65 dollars every 5 weeks. So got the Root Touch Up kit and do it myself every 4-5 weeks. I had watched the hairstylist do it so many times, that my results are practically professional. It’s quick and I multitask with a facemask on the face while I apply the hair color. Hair is not overprocessed, and shiny and beautiful every time.

  • http://paintedladies rosie

    i really love this website!
    so much information,i like your haircolor but loved the red more. i color my own after,like so many women,going to the salon and paying WAY too much for color. i go to the sally store and but the color,developer,ect. and save so much money and my hair looks great.

  • Jessica

    I decided to try it and I just purchased the product because of your comments in regards to the product, I hope that it comes out good. I die my hair at home and it never comes out the color that I want because my hair is so thick that it would take the color that’s on the box.

  • Sidney

    I’ve tried eSalon’s hair color and many other brands. I liked it, but didn’t think it was any better than what I can buy at any store. Actually, my favorite brand is Avon’s. It makes me hair feel really good. The color is rich and natural looking. It lasts till I have enough roots that I have to redo it.

  • Stacy

    I just read all the positive coments on the product the Ladies are Talking about and would like to have Dome more Information.
    My Hair Use to be course and dark Brown. It has gotten mostly gray and i World like to Keep at least some brown in it with color. What World you suggest?

    One Other thing i Should mention, i was resently diagnosed with seboric phoriasis. Also does
    Your Produkts Contain phenylenediamine?

  • Stacy

    If possible please reply if possible


    My hair has turned Grey in recent years and I am
    considering coloring it. My dilema is what color I should buy to get the results I am looking for. My
    original hair color was Brown.
    I would like to leave the grey on the sides of my head
    and color the top of my head Brown.
    Please advise!
    Thank you.

  • Susan McWhirter

    I am thinking of coloring my hair. I have dishwater blond hair. I have light golden highlights and silver grey showing in front. I love the 2 tone effect but want to get rid of the grey. Can you recommend what I need to buy to do this myself? Thanks

  • mary Kelly

    I have grey/salt n pepper natural hair color. I have had my hair colored in a salon, but it is to expensive. I have used dark brown, now a medium brown Colorsilk for many years, every 9-12 weeks.
    I have been recently diagnosed with Cancer, myeloma, and want to know if it is safe to continue dying my hair. I have used it once since the diagnosis. Are the ingredients safe in Colorsilk and is there an alternative?

  • Donna

    My sisters, Mom and myself color each other’s hair with products from Sally’s Beauty Supply Store but I agree with the other comment in that I know buy my color from Avon. It’s a kit with a product you apply first so that the color will grab, and then a product you put on after you do the color, to help “seal” the color. The kit costs 7.99 and if you have an Avon representative you usually get a percentage off (at least I do with mine). For as often as I have to color my hair, which I try to stretch to 6 weeks, the price is right with this product – in my humble opinion, of course.

  • Helen

    Okay, I cannot be the only one that hated this product. When trying to rinse out the product after coloring, it was like heavy wax tha you couldn’t get out of your hair. It took all the body and bounce out of my hair. The color did not take and what did take has faded to brassy orange in just one week.

  • Rebecca

    What color did you use. Darkest Brown Chocolate (3.15)? I also like how shiny your hair is. What this from the product or did you add a product to make your hair shiny? If so, what product did you use? Thank u much, Rebecca

  • Rebecca

    I am very impressed with the hair color results from ESalon. It is by far the best gray coverage you can get. I did not get gray coverage from a salon and I spent thousands over the years using different high end salons in the Dallas area. I will continue using ESalon for hair coloring.