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My Favorite Eyeshadows: Purple

By Sheila Arkee

Purple eyeshadow was the first color that I bonded with in my makeup loving life. Although I had been long fascinated with makeup, I never really experimented with colors until I received an entire makeup kit from JC Penny upon my high school graduation.

The makeup was generic and not the best quality, but the variety of colors gave me a chance to experiment and figure out which colors I liked best on my brown eyes. Purple was the winner, and ever since purple eyeshadow has had a big place in my heart.  Here are the purple shadows that have earned the distinction of being my favorite.

MAC Beautiful Iris

I really have very few words for how much I adore this light, shimmery color. It’s irridescent and completely fabulous.

Wet n Wild Lust Palette

Ah, these colors, these wonderful purple tones. Some of the most highly pigmented purples I’ve ever used and this is less than $5.

NYX Velvet Rope Palette

Proving that NYX does it right when it comes to eyeshadows, this is a great collection of purples. A must have and a long-time favorite.

MAC Sketch

Sketch will always, always, always be one of my very favorite shadows. It’s perfection, plain and simple. A burgundy purple, it makes a great contrast shade in the outer corner for every one. Yes, everyone. It’s versatile and can be used as a smoky lid shade and also as a liner.

MAC Fig. 1

Although I’m generally not a fan a of matte shadows  I have to give it to MAC for stepping up their shadow game with these relatively new shadows which are (shock!) not limited edition.

Jordana Color Effects Duo in Twofold

A new addition to the pack, it quickly became a favorite due to the amount of color contained in the shadow and the incredible quality. For about $3, it’s a steal!

MAC Stars and Rockets

I’ll admit to totally forgetting about this color until I did a quick search for purple eyeshadow. And yet, it’s so fabulous, how could I have not remembered?!?!

Girlactik Ballet

How does one describe this unique shade? Grey? Purple? Purple-toned grey? Whatever you’d call it, it’s simply amazing. Another all-time favorite.

What are some of your favorite purple eyeshadows?

  • Ally

    One of my favorites is Laura Mercier’s African Violet. It’s unique purple with gold shimmer in it. I have tried to find a low end alternative but I just can’t. It’s that different.

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    I am seriously lemming that African Violet!