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A Beauty Pioneer: Galit Strugano From Girlactik Beauty

By Sheila Arkee 

Galit Strugano, the founder of Girlactik Beauty, made her name in the beauty industry by creating a base that effectively keeps glitter where it is applied, which is a wonderful thing for glitter lovers!  with you in some upcoming posts.

I recently had the chance to talk with Galit about the full cosmetics line that she built with a dream and $1800.   Her passion for what she does is palpable and I’m so happy to tell you all more about Galit’s inspirational story.

Painted Ladies: The story of how you started your company is very inspirational. Did you have any experience in cosmetics before you started?

Galit Strugano: I always wanted be a beauty reporter because I LOVE makeup. I thought I would take makeup classes to learn more about technique and hopefully start doing makeup.  When a friend who was a promoter asked me to do makeup for a fashion show I jumped for joy!

We had a rehearsal for the fashion show and I was told I couldn’t get the clothes dirty.  This was the time when glitter was at its peak but it still went everywhere so I ended up using shimmer instead of glitter on the models. 

A few months later I saw Halle Berry wearing sparkles on the Oscars and said to myself, “Wow, she looks so pretty. I wish I could wear my sparkles on my eyes like that.”  My mom heard me and said:”Why can’t you?” 

I said someone should come out with a special base that holds glitter besides grease paint or Vaseline that ends up traveling all over the place.  My mom suggested I should develop that special base. All I had to get started was $1800, but I began thinking about this special base while working as a waitress, and that is how Girlactik started. 

Painted Ladies:  What advice would you give to people who might be interested in starting a cosmetics company?

Galit: Have a passion for it and come up with something that doesn’t exist or is missing in the industry so there is a reason why people will come to your brand. 

Painted Ladies: What are some of your products that you’d like our readers to know about?

Galit: I’m very passionate about what I do and it is truly my talent in creating great makeup,  from the colors, texture, consistency, wear-ability and everything to make a good product.  Everything is great in the brand because you don’t have to work hard to create the look you want.  The makeup shows the result you want in instant application. 

My favorite things that I can’t be without and would love people to try to are:

Skin Tint Moisturizers, they are amazing and give great coverage!  Once you try it you’ll love it. 

The Star Glosses are known to be one of the best glosses because they are glossy, stay on well, good colors and they are not too sticky. 

I love eyeliner and my black one does the job of being black and not smudging.

The Matte Bronzer in Cabo is probably the best matte bronzer that is complimentary to most skin types and I’m in love with my blushes, especially Florence.

The Eye Glazes are waterproof and crease-proof and I mean it.  They are very popular amongst makeup artists and us makeup lovers. 

It’s hard for me to limit the brand to some things I want readers to know but, I can’t forget my signature 2-step Sparkle Liner that is killer on and gets tons of compliments.  It’s beautiful over the Pearl Base which I think everyone should have this base.  It makes the application of applying eye shadow faster, crease proof and enhancing the color. I’ll just stop here ‘cause I can go on and on!

Painted Ladies: What’s next for Girlactik? 

Galit: Recently, I was approached by celebrity dance pro Karina Smirnoff from Dancing with the Stars.  Karina loves Girlactik and while I was on my honeymoon she contacted me and said, “I love your brand and want to work with you!”

It’s a really nice compliment when a celebrity wants to work with you – that tells me I’m creating and doing well.  Together we will be adding new products that are sure to be great!!!  In the future there will be palettes and lots of other great beauty must haves!!!  I can’t wait for everyone to discover Girlactik Beauty because it’s my dream and goal for many people to know it, love it, and smile when they look in the mirror and feel even more beautiful!!

  • Wendy

    Definitely checking this brand out!

  • http://www.Lirpamakeup.com April M. Chaney

    I love Girlactik I have my friends/ fellow makeup artist hooked as well…. The Bronzer and tint are especially the BOMB
    _ April C.