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L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow Breaks Drugstore Barriers

By Sheila Arkee

2012 is the year for mass market makeup brands to shine, both literally and figuratively. Having never really been impressed with L’Oreal’s eye shadow offerings, I approached their newest shadow with trepid anticpation. Not so sure how I’d feel about these shadows, I purchased one that seemed like it would be an unique addition to my collection.

The packaging is definitely chi chi frou frou.

The shadow itself has a very interesting texture. Kind of like a dry sponge.

As far as the color payoff? Wowzers.

I am definitely impressed and think that L’Oreal is finally up to snuff with prestige brands, including MAC, in these newest shadow offerings. They’re absolutely worth checking out and you’ll love these shimmery shadows in your collection.

  • http://www.slhxbeauty.blogspot.com Summer

    I’ve heard so many great things about these shadows! So excited to try them x

  • http://www.cosmeticsaficionado.com Cosmetics Aficionado

    I just bought 4 of these. Great shadows!

  • http://allyourbasenotes.blogspot.com Jessica

    OMG need these!

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    I’m super impressed and for me to say that about L’Oreal is a big deal!

  • http://www.beautyinfozone.com MarciaF (beauty info zone)

    I love these. Every color I’ve bought is a winner.

  • Wendy

    I have the taupe one. The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t seem to like being picked up with a brush. I get better payoff with my fingers.

  • http://editionsofthu.blogspot.com Thu

    Is this supposed to be a drugstore version of Armani’s Eyes to Kill shadows? Because if so, I am ALL over this.

    I just bought Maybelline’s new cream shadows (after seeing them win Temptalia’s Editor’s Choice award) – I should probably review them for you all :)

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    I believe it is, as Armani and L’Oreal are under the same ownership. I’m on my way to CVS to pick up some more! That would be an awesome review, Thu!