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Kleancolor Rainbow Splendor Palette in Caribbean Rainfall Is A Dollar Store Surprise!

By Sheila Arkee

This is exactly how I feel about Daiso, a Japanese discount store where the majority of the wares are a mere $1.50.

For a buck and a half you can’t go wrong with trying out some fun new makeup, and so on a recent trip I found myself positively surrounded by colorful shadows. Despite a not-so-stellar experience with Daiso-brand makeup in the past, I was willing to take a chance with Kleancolor’s palette in Caribbean Rainfall.


If I never felt the urge to actually do something with these colors, I would gladly keep this around just to stare at the collection of beautiful shades, because the palette, with a shimmery overlay, really is quite lovely.


And, most surprisingly of all…


… the pigmentation on these shadows is pretty impressve! For maximum shadow impact, I recommend layering a cream base undernealth to accentuate your colors. All in all, this palette is defininely worth seeking out.



You can find Kleancolor products at Daison stores, and also online.