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It’s Here! The Painted Ladies Eyeshadow Set by Sweet Libertine

By Sheila Arkee

Two years ago I collaborated with Sarah, the owner of Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics, to create an exclusive shadow for Painted Ladies. Called Sweet Lady, it’s a gorgeous gold that works beautifully as a highlight or lid color.

Ever since I’ve wanted to create two companion shades for Sweet Lady. I carefully selected a sparkling turquoise and rich brown. It took a while to make this happen, but I’m so glad the complete set is finally here.

Here they are in action!

The colors in this exclusive, limited edition set are:

Sweet Lady: A light gold.

Sassy Lady: A sparkling turquoise.

Painted Lady: A rich, shimmery brown.

We’re selling these colors as a set, and they’re only available via Painted Ladies. The price is $21 for the set, $7 individually, now with free shipping internationally.

Without Flash

With Flash

To purchase the shadows as a trio:

To purchase the shadows individually (only Sweet Lady is left):


  • http://morsiereads.blogspot.com karen

    I love these colors together on your lid

  • http://www.papercandee.com Desiree

    JUST SO PRETTY!!! I want!

  • Wendy

    oh man that brown is amazing!

  • http://www.beautyinfozone.com MarciaF (beauty info zone)

    That is so amazing that you have a set named for you and your blog. Your makeup looks gorgeous in your photo! Congratulations.

  • http://allyourbasenotes.blogspot.com Jessica

    Well, obviously I need these! Love Sweet Libertine!

  • Jean

    The combo is VERY pretty! Well done – as usual. *-* (side note: “Sweet Libertine Mainteeral Cosmetics”?? That’s too funny NOT to point out!)

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    Blooper alert! :p My keyboard is a mess that often jumps ahead of itself.

  • http://mellojoyproductions.blogspot.com/ Melody

    THAT’S AWESOME!!! How cool, I love it, congrats, and I agree with the above posts, the colors look awesome on you!

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    Thank you, ladies! I’m head over heels for the colors!

  • Megan

    The turquoise has my name written allllllll over it!

  • Amberly

    The blue is absolutely gorgeous!It makes me wish I had brown or blue eyes,mine are green and I think it would clash….

  • ShannoninBC

    Ship to Canada? What would the s&h be? Beautiful colors, would love to have your namesake set :)

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    I decided to make universal shipping at the same rate. :)

  • ShannoninBC

    Well hot diggity, I just placed my order 😀 I’m *very* excited as I’m a big fan of yours AND I get to try a new product out at the same time! win/win!

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    Thank you, Shannon! I know you will love the colors!

  • ShannoninBC

    I received these lovely shadows today along with the gorgeous samples and your card, what a lovely touch! I’m excited to play! Thanks :)

  • Teresa Cangiano

    Beautiful!I love these colors…..