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It IS Even Better!

By Megan

I am a sucker for GWP’s, but lately I have been turning my nose up at the traditional fare. I mean, really Estee Lauder, how many tubes of Rosy Blush lipstick can one person own? Clinique, I have enough tubes of DDML to create a slip and slide in my living room (don’t ask…but it involves garbage bags.) All of these amazing e-tailers and package sets have been getting my hard earned dollars. I thought I was done with GWP’s until those vixens in the white lab coats actually came out with one that was worth my time.

Clinique at Boscov’s (a PA department store that has amazing items at crazy prices) had a Bronze Escape gift that tempted the most jaded ex-make up girl. This amazing gift had items I ACTUALLY wanted to try: Moisture Surge Hydrator, Long Pretty Lashes Mascara, an Illuminator, and a Self Bronzer. The gift also included Think Bronze lipstick which is like a pair of stiletto heels-good in theory, bad in practice. I was also “treated” to more DDML. I will forgive that because the rest of the gift is great.

So, to qualify for the gift I purchased my spring foundation. I am at a bit of a crossroads with my skin. After years of being an oil mess, my skin cleared up and started getting a bit dry. While I love my Revlon PhotoReady foundation, it takes a bit of work and I am ready for a more luminous look. Even Better foundation fit the bill. The foundation even has treatment in it to help improve skin tone. Since my skin is good now, I just want it to look pretty. I really like the coverage. The foundation won’t re-invent the wheel, but it is good for a fresh and dewy look. I do think that if you are going for that look, Clinique has that down pat. 

I do want to rave about the Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator in Bronze. Fair painted ladies, this is your summer blush. In fact, I will be willing to say that this blush, a champagne shimmer on your lids, mascara and gloss is your go-to summer look. I will probably be repurchasing this item. I even tried the up-lighting paired with my Stila liquid highlighter. Hello J-Lo-if she was shorter, gained a few lbs, and had some grandparents from Ireland. 

I hope the Lauder companies continue this idea of making gift a true sampling experience.

What are your thoughts on Lauder GWPs? Are you suckers for them, too?

  • Miss Boom

    What is a GWP? What is a DDML?

  • Megan

    GWP= Gift With Purchase
    DDML=Dramatically Different Moisture Lotion

    Sorry :)

  • http://www.rubysbeauty.com Lisa

    I used to be suckers for these, but I’ve kind of moved away from the department store beauty brands once I realized that the drugstore stuff works just as well for me. And when I do purchase high-end stuff, I buy it from the cheapest place possible, sometimes Ebay, or beautyticket.com

  • http://thevinylwordandothermusings.blogspot.com Deb

    I buy a lot of MAC, and they don’t do GWPs. I do use Clinique foundation though. The GWPs have never really tempted me to buy. When I have gotten a GWP in the past, I always ended up giving it to my mom, because the products seemed like they would suit her better.

  • Kate

    It’s insane how much money these companies make on their GWPs, and how few people realize it’s the same products again and again! The colors are never as interesting as I want them to be. I have also accumulated mass amounts of DDML! I could fill my bathtub with that stuff!