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Incoco Nail Polish Appliques Are A Wonder To Behold, i.e. I’m Obsessed

Press Sample

By Sheila Arkee

When I say that I am a nail klutz, it’s no joke. One the occasions I manage to give myself a smudge-free manicure, I stand in awe and wonder of my nail polish application abilities, because some miracle must have just happened. To be completely honest, most of the time my nails are bare and taking the time to sit down for a mani just doesn’t happen. I was intrigued when offered the opportunity to try Incoco Nail Polish Appliques, although I had my doubts about how they would perform.


You see I don’t have that much experience with nail stickers and I automatically operate the assumption that anything nail related = a huge fail. Did Incoco prove my nail doubts correctly? The answer is an astounding NO! Holy nail polish, I’m in LOVE!


Incoco Nail Polish Appliques are very interesting because they are actually strips of base, polish, and topcoat that you apply like a sticker. The instructions are easy and are printed on the packaging as well as on an insert.


My first application wasn’t entirely great because, well, practice makes perfect. The most difficult part of the application was measuring the strips to make sure they fit my nails correctly. Each strip has comes with 8 appliques with two size options each, making the matching game a bit easier. Otherwise, it’s basically remove strip, stretch to fit nails, apply, smooth down, file edges down, and voila! Perfectly painted polished paws in well under 5 minutes that do not smudge or chip. THIS IS AMAZING!





I tested the strips for longevity and found that you basically get some wear around the tips and grow out, but you can remove them when you’re ready. Incoco says these last for 14 days on your nails, but I was ready to remove them after about a week. The best part is that you just need nail polish remover and you’re set, with undamaged nails. Here are some of the strips I was sent. I loved them all and will definitely purchase these in the future.

Topaz Treasure (the very first one I tried)


Shooting Stars


Barcelona Beauty


Blue Lagoon


On The Edge


NY Lights Tips


My Final Thoughts: Incoco Nail Polish Appliques are revolutionary and a new favorite. A must for anyone who is busy and really wants to have nice nails, but just doesn’t have the time to sit down for manicures.

Rating: A +

Price: Between $7.99 – $9.99, depending on the pattern. There are discounted bundles available.

Cruelty-free? This is unclear, but being researched. I will update the blog post when more details are available.

Paraben-free? Yes, and also 3-free.

Where can you buy them? Online at Incoco.com

  • Jenn

    OMG I am so glad to see these are back!! They had them at walgreens about 5yrs ago and then they disapeared, w/o a trace. These are the best nail appliques out there because it is real nail polish. AWESOME!!! Will definatly be buying these!!!