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In Search of: Paloma Picasso Lipstick

By Sheila

Courtesy of Amazon.com

Courtesy of Amazon.com

One of our readers contacted us in search of something that is seemingly impossible to track down — the Paloma Picasso lipstick, which has a listing on Amazon, but is sold out there as well as pretty much everywhere else.

Reading the description for this lipstick, it seems cruel that this color is lost and not found, because apparently it was the best red lipcolor EVER. I mean, look at Paloma herself – gorgeous lips!  So, why is it not made anymore, hmmm???

I have faith in our crew of beauty junkies. If anyone can track this down, it’s you guys. If you do happen to have a source, please let us know! Our reader will appreciate it!!!

  • Taylor Brandon

    My great nan passed down this lipstick to me, i have about a centimetre of the actual lipstick left. i absolutely love it!

  • admin

    Thats incredible that you have a little bit left! This is possibly the most coveted lipstick I’ve ever heard of!

  • Migdalia

    I have some of this lipstick… It is the BEST and MOST BEAUTIFUL RED LIPSTICK! A collector’s item.

  • Cathy

    It looks like 3 Custom Color Specialists have replicated this shade: http://www.threecustom.com/custom_search.php?mode=search&type=10&brand=paloma+picasso&shade=

  • Lourdes Hood

    Hello there,
    I am desperately looking for this Paloma Picasso Lipstick, if anybody out there has one for sale please get in touch!

  • mary gregory

    want to buy paloma picasso lipstick please name a store that sells it Thank you

  • Jingleheimer

    I bought this twenty years ago when impersonating. Wore it as part of drag in the huge Pride Parade while waving from a convertible wearing royal blue… And I got cat calls of ‘Love The Lipstick!!!! I’ve wanted to by it for drag friends and as gifts… Nope.
    I had to substitute Elizabeth Arden’s signature first color OrangeRed, great color, but not the same at all.

  • gloria

    I have one – Paloma Picasso Mon Rouge refillable lipstick (it is a bit damaged at the top of the red lipstick, but in good condition – if anyone wants it!

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    Gloria, how nice!!! I hope someone takes you up on the offer!

  • http://InSearchofPalomaPicassoLipstick Tina

    I am also after the Paloma Picasso Mon Rouge lipstick – if anyone has a brand new one? It has to be the best red lipstick on the universe. I hope that Paloma could relaunch it?? I know that many women would definitely be interested in this lipstick.

  • Gini

    I too am after this lipstick I wish they bring it out again! I wore this lipstick on my Wedding Day 22 years ago! I loved it! If you still have that lipstick and no one has bought it I’d love to buy it from you! Thanks Gini x

  • victoria

    Where can I buy Paloma red lipstick in uk or wherever would love 2 one for me and one for my best friend regards Victoria

  • Arelys

    I am wearing red lipstick again. I wish I could buy the Paloma Picasso rouge lipstick. I had it years ago and I loved it. I realize now that it is nowhere to be found. Does anyone know where to purchase a new one? Please inform me….

  • Jan

    I am also looking for this lipstick – no other shade of red has suited me as well or looked as glamorous – as was the nail colour. As the perfume is still produced, I wonder why the lip & nail colour is not…? I have yet to find a shade of red that comes even close. Help..!

  • Deirdre

    I love the Paloma Picasso red lipstick and I cried buckets when I could no longer buy it. I searched and have tried many… believe it or not the closest I have come to was a lip stick at Aldi- it is also close in texture as well as colour.