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If you don’t wash it off is it really cleansing? Relogy 3 Step Skincare review: Product (semi) Fail

By Wendy Larson

Did anybody else feel like the “teen” magazines and chick flicks of our youth lied to us repeatedly?  Boys supposedly teased us because they were “like, so totally into us”, other girls tormented us because they were jealous of our awesome. More importantly the day we enter our 20’s our skin will be clear and glowing.  LIES I TELL YOU!  Some boys are just jerks, some girls are just mean, and acne doesn’t magically disappear when the clock strikes midnight on your 20th birthday.  At 27, I suffer more acne than I did in my teens.  Usually they’re on my chin and around my mouth (no shame in being a sleep drooler) and when I do break out, it’s nasty and in patches.  The acne I mostly get is cystic and deep under the skin.  Not fun.  So I gave Relogy a shot.

Relogy skincare offers a take on the 3 step acne systems that we’re used to seeing.  A cleanser, a moisturizer, and a spot treatment.  The products are cruelty free (awesome) and uses natural ingredients (also awesome) and are also fragrance free.  It’s all fine and dandy if the
products actually work, which is what matters most to me.

Sadly, they didn’t work for me.  The cleanser is foamy, contains a low amount of Salicylic Acid, and interestingly enough gives you the option to either rinse it off or massage it in and leave it on.  I don’t feel like it cleansed enough, and I think there wasn’t enough Salicylic Acid in it for my skin.  I did like that when I tried leaving it on my skin, that it wasn’t drying or sticky.  The spot treatment is a roller ball with an antiseptic solution that is supposed to heal and soothe.  It does feel nice, as metal roller ball applicators tend to.  It doesn’t have enough oomph to make blemishes go away.  I’ve used straight Tea Tree oil (which is an ingredient) as a spot treatment in the past and it’s worked much better.

The moisturizer has a total of 8 ingredients in it.  There’s no alcohol or parabens in it, the first ingredient is purified water and other natural ingredients in it are certified organic (jojoba oil, coconut milk, coconut oil) it’s surprisingly light and soaks in really fast. Problem is, when used on my current, healing breakout- it made it worse.

Funny thing though, the only product I would repurchase is the moisturizer.  Why?  It saved my life, ok….not LITERALLY, but it definitely made my life easier.  I had  the flu earlier this month and my nose was raw and sore from blowing it so much.  I put a little dab on raw spots and went to bed.  When I woke up my nose was 100% better.  It seems that it works best on skin that’s just dry and not broken out.

So bottom line, just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t make it a bad product.  I would definitely recommend Relogy to someone with dry sensitive skin.

*Products provided for consideration. Opinions are my own.