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I Just Need an Explanation

By Megan Murray

There seems to be a million different products out on the market that are supposed to be tailored to your eye color so that you *pop* which, in my opinion is the worst make-up term ever. Making your eyes *pop* is about as obnoxious as you telling everyone you are a pretty pale princess. We need a new term for a color that makes your eyes bright.

Anyway, almost all the mass-market lines have these “tailored” eye shadows and mascaras. The latest contender is L’Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator. It has special sparkly top coat that is supposed to enhance your eye color and make your lashes longer. Oh no, that is not all…see the topcoat brush is one of those medieval torture device brushes that is supposed to DOUBLY impress you with its impressiveness.

Double Extend is an OK mascara; I would never use it alone. I do use a coat of the mascara and powder sparkles on top of my Maybelline Falsies and it looks really good. I even like the powdery top coat because when I look up all day it’s like I live in a magical snow pixie land (I have issues). What I just do not understand is why they picked an auburn brown color to enhance brown eyes?

Did I miss the day in art class about the complementary colors? Wouldn’t a steel grey or navy blue color do a much better job of enhancing brown eyes? Am I missing something?

 Anyway, I suggest to get the same effect grab some of your favorite sparkly mineral make-up and have at it. This product is just blah …like brown eyes when you try to enhance them with brown.

  • Kate

    I HATE how they always do complementary colors. No, blue eye shadow doesn’t make my blue eyes *pop*! I don’t understand.

  • Monika

    Yea, blue doesn’t make blue pop, orange does. A good look at any color wheel will tell you this. I think marketing people must think we’re stoopid.

  • Wendy

    I’m with Kate and Monika. It bugs me that makeup companies don’t seem to understand the color wheel. Blue shadows make my blue eyes look grey. On the other hand orangey golds make them pop…sorry for the use of the word Megan.