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How I Ended Up Singing Pink Cadillac At A Mary Kay Sales Meeting + NouriShine Plus Glosses Review

By Sheila Arkee

When I received a few Mary Kay products to review, I immediately thought of an experience that will always color my perceptions of this brand.


Picture it – it’s the early 2000’s and we’re living in a world where J. Lo’s glow is what everyone is searching for and the Kardashian family have not yet entered the pop culture scene. Can you imagine that? At the time I was a young pup and took what seemed like an innocent trip to a temp agency for an admin job.  Somehow this  turned in to me visiting a Mary Kay sales meeting, singing along to Pink Cadillac in a dance circle, and giving myself what they said would be a spa facial. Tres bizarre!

Through the years I’ve used and really liked some Mary Kay products, most recently their NouriShine lip glosses and Lash Love mascara. While I initially loved the mascara, I had some major clumping issues and so I’m putting the mascara away for a couple weeks to see if time cures the mascara a bit and makes it easier to use.


Cafe Au Lait is a gorgeous neutral that goes perfectly with smoky eyes.


Red Passion is a nice, sparkly red that is perfectly wearable.


The pretty glosses are fantastic and add moisture and gleam without making your lips feel weighed down or overly sticky. While no gloss will ever really last through an entire day, the lasting power of NouriShine is impressive and does not fade away upon application. NouriShine has some good-for-you ingredients including Pomegranate Sterol, Antioxidant Rich Complex, and Aloe Leaf extract.

NouriShine glosses retail for $14 and are available online.

*Provided for consideration. Opinions are my own.

  • Synthia

    Thank you for doing a review on product from one of my favorite cosmetics companies. I love MK and use their skin care (Timewise). Won’t touch a different one. It’s made for my skin.
    The MK glamour products, however, have in my opinion taken a little dive. Not in the quality department, just the quantity. The size of almost all their glamour products has been reduced dramatically while the prices stayed the same or went up. That is a big problem for this girl on a budget. I will splurge on my skin care, but I can’t afford to splurge on my color. So I was very disappointed about that. That is, UNTIL I of course found your blog. :) You have opened my eyes to such a wide world of color that I am okay now with not purchasing every color from MK. :)
    I will say this, the NuriShine is definitely high rated with me, and mascara I would suggest try the Ultimate Mascara from MK, not this one you have. It’s very different. Definitely a whole lot better.
    Again, thank you for including MK.
    Always enjoying all your posts.

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    You’re welcome, Synthia, and thank you for the insight – I will definitely have to try out that other mascara.