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Glossybox December 2012 Review & A Customer Service Update

By Sheila Arkee

As you  may recall, I haven’t had the best feelings towards Glossybox lately. It’s not a matter of the products, because they are fabulous. However, their customer service has been a bit of a, shall we say, drag and I’ll share more on that in just a bit. For now, let’s ogle the goodies in this $21 monthly sample box.

I didn’t know I’d changed my name.


This month’s box is chock full of lovely treats, including a full-sized lipstick from Mark, a ring (that has no chance of fitting my fat fingers) from Jewelmint, and sample sized epsom salts, perfume, hairspray, and Ziv polish from Zoya which is one of the most gorgeous golds I’ve ever seen.




The Mark lipstick in M Powerment Petal is valued at $12, and the Zoya Nail Polish at $8. I don’t want to include the value of the ring because it was immediately cast off to family member with less chubby fingers, so including the generous samples, this box pretty much evens out in terms of the cost.

Now, here’s the tough part. As I mentioned last month, longtime PL contributor Wendy had nothing but trouble communicating with the Glossybox team about a late box. She eventually got her box, but she was banned from their Facebook page and never did get a proper response from them. This is some information Wendy shared with me:

Just a little Glossybox update- They seem to have blocked me from being able to reply to anything on their FB page. I haven’t been out of line or inappropriate, only keeping on them about their lack of communication and discussing the issue with other unhappy customers.

Paypal has given them until the 10th to reply to their email, and for funsies I checked their parent company Beauty Trend USA, Inc. on the BBB and they have an F. Things that make you go hmmmm.

Honestly, I was appalled. I sent this email to my contact at Glossybox:

Hi Efrat,

I am writing to you feeling extremely distressed over some information one of my blog writers has given me about her dealings with Glossybox.

I am distressed because not only have I heavily promoted your product, but I have become an affiliate.

Wendy Larson, who is a longtime writer for Painted Ladies has been unsuccessfully trying to contact your customer service department to no avail. Not only that, she reports the following:

“Just a little Glossybox update-  They seem to have blocked me from being able to reply to anything on their FB page.  I haven’t been out of line or inappropriate, only keeping on them about their lack of communication and discussing the issue with other unhappy customers.”   

Needless to say, I am confused and upset. What is going on here??????



And her response:

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for this email and sorry for the late reply, I was away for a while.
Our team deeply apologizes for being so late to respond to customers. We have had some challenges and delays over the past month or so, which have started with hurricane Sandy and continued with higher demand that we are getting for our boxes. Unfortunately we were not able to deliver the best customer service that we always strive for. 
Regarding the Facebook page, our social media team has told me that they are blocking only commenters with inappropriate comments. We want to provide our customers with with our platform for sharing information and experiences, either good or bad, but the content has to meet the values of our brand and the brands with which we work. 
Let me know if you have any other questions.

Good on them for owning up to not being more communicative, but at this point, this is just not cool and I really don’t like that Wendy was banned from posting on the Glossybox Facebook page.

At this point, I’m no longer going to endorse Glossybox. I am grateful for having the opportunity to receive boxes and have enjoyed the products that – as Wendy pointed out in the November post comments – I wouldn’t have had the chance to try otherwise. However, there are other subscription services out there that I will be trying – first and foremeost, Ipsy!

*Provided for consideration. Opinions are my own.

  • http://www.phyrra.net Phyrra

    Thank you for sharing this. I really appreciate the insight. My own experiences with Glossy Box have been less than stellar. I did get to speak to the owner at the Refinery 29 Tinseltown event in NYC and her insight as to what she wanted Glossy Box to be, vs. what it is, was interesting.

    That doesn’t excuse the shoddy customer service or the banning on FB or the treatment Wendy received.

  • http://www.beautyinfinitum.com eight

    Thanks for the post, “Michelle”!

    Ugh, they seem really sketchy. The Canadian team doesn’t seem much better. Ipsy seems like a much better box.

  • Monika

    I like how they blame hurricane Sandy for their bad attitude.

  • Wendy

    Michelle eh? Close enough.

    Thanks again for helping me deal with this situation Sheila.

  • breyerchic04

    Ipsy is fabulous. Very much worth trying.

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    That is great that you got to speak directly to the owner of Glossybox … lets hope they get it together!

  • Synthia

    Good on you for standing up for your friend in that way. I applaud you for it.
    I’ve been wanting to order Ipsy, so I can’t wait for your first review.
    I’m with Monika: “I like how they blame hurricane Sandy for their bad attitude.” Wow. :)

  • Jules

    I have had horrible experiences with Glossy Box Customer Service. There reps. are rude and don’t seem inclined to remedy their mistakes. I would not recommend them at all!

  • http://www.augustskin.com Ashley

    I have had a very similar experience with Glossybox. I have yet to receive my December box (it is now Jan. 10). I have emailed several times and received limited to little help.I tried calling but they never pick up. I was forced to communicate with them via Twitter, but then they blocked me! I am extremely disappointed and feel robbed of $21 I could have surely put towards something else.

  • Jen

    Yikes! Reading this I feel panicked. I just signed up for a three month subscription, Jan. 11, using paypal… and now I wonder if I will actually get my boxes. I feel like I should have done my homework.

    I am kind of curious Phyrra … what did the owner say? What was her vision for the company vs. the reality of it?

    It sounds to me like Glossybox has gotten in over it’s head … and can’t keep up with supply and demand. Maybe they need to hire some more help … or limit the quantity of boxes that go out.

    What a shame… as I was really looking forward to the products.