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Get Fit! Megan’s Story

By Megan Murray

Yeah, I am fat.

Yes, I am arthritic.

Yes, I need to lose weight.

Yes, 4 years ago I was a size 6.

Yes, I gained it all back

NO FREAKING WAY am I telling you my weight or my measurements…lol.

I now have some good reasons to lose weight: a wedding and my joints. For every 10lbs I lose, I take 30lbs of pressure off my leg joints. This time, I am losing weight for my future. 

Believe me, I can diet with the best of you. I can lose 30 lbs for a special event as if it is nothing; however, this time it has to last.  I am a 35-year-old woman, and as much as I would like to ride around in a tricked-out hover-round, I just do not want to attend my daughter’s graduation in one.

My doctor has cut me off sugar, white flour, and she wants me to explore a more anti-inflammatory diet. I am going to focus on lean protein, vegetables, and low glycemic carbs. I am going to work on journaling (which will help me control my flares) and portion control.

I just lost my beautiful grandmother so I have been eating like a condemned man.  I have been filling the void with lots of mashed potatoes (that remind me of my Tootsie so there is BUTTER) carbs, and sweets. Therefore, I am going to have to work on the emotional eating, too.

My Goals 

Short Term Goal: Journal , cut out processed foods, and learn to relax.

Next Step: Once I un-flare, I am going to start working out 3x a week in a dance-related activity ( anyone know Derek Hough? lol).

Long Term Goal: 35lbs- 25lb by June 1st,  go from a size 14 down to a size 8

  • Ninjagato

    You can do it Megan! We all have faith in you.
    BTW that is one sexy stick figure.

  • Megan

    I know, it was the sexiest figure I could find.

  • http://www.angelsmind.co.za/ Angel

    LOL, your picture made me giggle because I often describe myself as a “bubble on toothpicks”!