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Get Excited for the Latest Fall…Oh, Who am I Kidding? I am Tired and So I are You

By Megan Murray

I want to start this blog with this: Yes we are tired, but there are a lot of people in a world of pain and mess. Please donate to the Red Cross and help NY and NJ. 

For a multitude of reasons, I am willing to bet a lot of our Painted Ladies’ readers are just plain tired. Some of us have been without power for some time; some of us have exhausting jobs and/or home lives.  Some of us just don’t know how to say no to late night television. I am suffering from some chronic conditions, so for a good part of the day I am a walking zombie.

Mornings are hard. Three days this week I have put my shirt on backwards.  The sad part is, I didn’t even notice that my shirt was on backwards until late afternoon…each day.

I have been tempted on some days to just say, “ No, I am good, I will go without.” Of course, then my inner-Liza gives me a talking to and I am putting on the liquid liner. For the worst days I do have an emergency kit. This handy dandy little kit has gotten me through a black out and a multitude of mornings when standing upright is a struggle:

(I am aware that my emergency kit is more make-up than the a good portion of the population owns)

– Cover Girl + Olay Pressed Powder:  This can do the job of both a powder and a foundation in a pinch.  The texture is creamy and it finishes demi-matte. I love it and I won’t ever be without it!

– Cover Girl Line Blast 24 Hours:  The felt tip allows me to put this on in the dark

– L’Oreal Voluminous: Makes you look like you actually tried

– Estee Lauder Blush in True Sand- Perfectly neutral and perfect to swipe on your cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose.

– Bobbi Brown Ultra Gloss in Sheer Violet: it is an LE. I know, I suck.  The color is near transparent but it just brightens you up!

Now, don’t think for ONE MINUTE that I am no longer going full on Manila Luzon. I am as often as I can! Take for instance my Halloween Costume. Nobody knew who I was, so I told them I was the following:

  • Pandora Boxx
  • Anime girl
  • Fat Katy Perry

If you have a few moments, and you are so inclined, fake bottom-lashes are in-sane! Now, I used them in a line under my real lash-line; however, I put a few single lashes on the outer-corner of my friend’s eye, and the effect was stunning.

I would also like to thank Sheila for sending me the AMAZING half-lashes that she reviewed here. Half lashes take 3 seconds and give you perfect results!  If you are lash-phobic, I HIGHLY recommend the half lashes.  I would even recommend half lashes when you are exhausted. They are that quick to apply.

All kidding aside, if any of the Painted Ladies are suffering from chronic pain, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Auto-immune disorders, or just don’t feel all that great, I want to recommend this website: http://naturalfibromyalgiatreatments.com/

Dr. Yen is the REAL DEAL.  The website is full of great information and it even has a forum.  His blog has helped me so much!

I suggest everyone have an emergency kit for those days when you feel like you’ve fought crime in your sleep.  Remember, choose products that have a lot of pigment and ease of use.  Don’t fall into the “nude and natural” trap. Go dramatic on ONE feature and add color to another.  There is nothing than a sadder than a zombie trying to pull off J-LO.

  • http://beautyjones.blogspot.com/ Margaret “BeautyJones” McGlynn

    Wow, Megan– You bring the funny! Love to you and all your Tri-State pals. :)BeautyJones

  • Wendy

    I wore smokey eyes to work once and someone asked why I didn’t wear that kind of look more often. I work the 6-2 shift, anything brightening is where it’s at for me. Day to day I wear a LOT of light shimmery eyeshadow.