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Hello, 35. I’m Not Scared Of You. Thanks To My FOREO LUNA, That Is….

Press Sample

By Sheila Arkee

Let’s talk about beauty product weak points, products you just can’t pass up no matter how much you try. Mine would include shimmery eyeshadow, pink lip gloss, and any kind of contraption or doo dad that promises to make you skin look clean, clear, and in tip top shape. That would include the Foreo Luna, a new skincare device from Sweden that promises “all-round cleaner, fresher, more radiant skin”.


What goes around truly comes around and the age that seemed positively ancient in my childhood is a hop, skip, and a couple of months away. I clearly remember thinking about my mom being 35 and how I would have to be, well, OLD, when that happened to me. Perspective is always 20/20, but all things considered, I have to say I feel pretty darned great about being my age, except for those ridiculous love handles which I really don’t love handling. My goal is to keep things well-preserved, which means paying close attention to my skincare goals of clear, youthful skin. That’s where the FOREO LUNA comes in and saves the day.


The FOREO LUNA isn’t just another Clarisonic. With no interchangeable heads, what you see is what you get. It’s a simple, clean design that gets the job done, and then some! This device looks like a flattened egg and fits in the palm of your hand. It’s  powered by rechargeable battery that only needs to be charged about every 450 uses and is completely waterproof, which is extremely convenient for using in the shower. There are three varieties of the Luna available: Ultra-Sensitive, Sensitive/Normal, and Combination skin, which is the one I have.

Unlike the oscillation power of the Clarisonic or the standard rotation of the Olay Pro X, the FOREO LUNA uses Transdermal Sonic Pulsations to help keep skin clear. The FOREO LUNA is a 2-in-1 product: one side has silicone nubs that work to clean skin, and the other has grooves that can be used for anti-aging purposes with a lower speed than the cleansing side.



So, after a month of use, do I see a difference?  For sure, definitely with the cleansing aspect of this device. My skin looks and feels so good these days and the clogged pores on the sides of my face are gone! After using the FOREO LUNA just two minutes twice a day, I can definitely vouch for its effectiveness. As for the anti-aging claim that you place the grooved side of the device on the offending areas, I honestly did not see any significant difference.

My Final Thoughts: The FOREO LUNA is a new skincare essential that keeps my skin clear and feeling super smooth.  I love that it’s easy to clean and you don’t have to constantly charge the battery. The only downside is the price, which at $199 is a bit on the steep side. However, it’s an investment into your skin’s health and unlike any other facial brush, you don’t ever have to buy extra heads.

Rating: A

Price: The FOREA LUNA Skincare Device RRP US$199/ £145.00/ AU$249, available in Pink (Sensitive/Normal), Blue (Combination) and White (Ultra-sensitive) according to skin type.

Availabilty: World wide, check www.foreo.com for retailers. 

  • http://www.peaceloveandglitter.com Kayla | Peace Love and Glitter

    COOL! I feel like I get a little “skin care jaded” because I’m around it all the time and am always hearing about new products. However, THIS is something that excites me! I don’t have an extra 200 bucks laying around, but if I did I’d be getting one!