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Easy, Gentle Skin Exfoliation Is Possible With A Konjac Sponge

By Sheila Arkee

Exfoliating my skin is way up there on my list of favorite things to do, right up there with drinking coffee and thinking about taking long walks on a beach, but never getting around to actually doing it.  Whether manually or with retinols, there are few things that bring me such pleasure as smooth, smooth skin. The feeling of putting foundation on exfoliated skin? Nothing like it!


On a recent trip to Daiso, I excitedly encountered a konjac sponge, which is made from Devil’s Tongue Starch. Having heard the wonders of this natural plant-based product around the blogosphere, I knew I had to experience this budget-friendly, skin-smoothing wonder for myself.

From my Instagram feed @itsjustmesheila

I went into the experience fairly blind, not really sure what to do or how the sponge would feel. Would it throw me back to the Buff Puff days of yore? You know, that scratchy sponge you kept in your shower for months on end until it finally fell apart? Surprisingly, no. The sponge is dehydrated in its package, and quickly bounces up to a sponge texture when placed under water. The feel of the sponge on your skin is very interesting – it’s super soft! The plant fibers are able to effectively and gently remove dirt and oil without scraping your skin raw.

You can use this sponge without a facial cleanser but with the amount of makeup I wear, I always pre-cleanse. Running the sponge over your face, the texture is so soft you may wonder if anything is actually happening, but when all is said and done I find my skin feels incredibly smooth. I’m wowed by the results of this wonder sponge!

Fascinating enough, the yam fibers that makes the konjac sponge is also used for Shiritaki Noodles, which were a staple of diet when I was low-carbing it a few years ago. They taste like nothing, really, but they help fill up you up and give you the illusion you’re eating pasta. And it is an illusion, because they’re much chewier than actual spaghetti strands!

Let the sponge air dry, and the sponge is supposed to last for up to three months. Konjac sponges are available by a variety of manufacturers, and they are fairly cheap with most priced well under $10. This one by Missha is available for $5.99 on Amazon. If you’re looking for a gently way to exfoliate your skin, they are definitely worth trying out.

  • Justice

    I just bought mine online for SGD$5.80 from an online deal. I can’t seem to find any cheaper than that. I am surprised that you can find it in Daiso! May I know which Daiso did you went to?