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DermOrganic Hair Care Products Make For Happy, Healthy, Organic, & Vegan Curls

By Sheila Arkee

You know that part in your hair care cycle when you’re going between a variety of products that are not quite used up and you’re stuck with stuff that isn’t quite doing it? That was me right before I recieved, tested, and fell in love with DermOrganics. I went from being in a dry haired conundrum to rocking some happy curls.

Hello, amazing hair day.


Made possible with some simply incredible DermOrganic products which are vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, ph-balanced,  4.5-5.5, and free of artificial preservatives, sodium chloride, parabens, MEA, DEA, and dyes. The main ingredient in DermOrganic products is Argan Oil, which comes from Morocco and is referred to as “liquid gold” for all of it’s skin and hair benefits.

With all that being said, I had serious doubt about how effective this line of hair products would be on my tender curls. You see, I’ve tried stuff from Whole Foods before that promises to be free of bad stuff and nurture your hair only to leave me with limpness or friziness.  I just want well-defined, structured curls that will look decent between washings.


One of my main concerns with any new hair product is how the shampoo and conditioner will make my hair feel. If products are too rich, my hair will feel weighed down. Not so with DermOrganic Daily Conditioning Shampoo and Daily Hydrating Conditioner, which are lightweight and yet manage to add moisture, and not an oversaturation product.


For us curly haired folks, the styling products are right up our alley. I’ve been using the Volume Foam Mousse which gives me soft, bouncy curls, but have taken a decided liking to Windswept, which gives me the structured curls I love. The texture of Windswept is much like a paste that you emulsify between your fingers before applying. A little bit of Windswept goes a long way!


The DermOrganic products that I’m currently using are:

Daily Conditioning Shampoo ($16): “…(M)ade with skin cleansers that moisturize and strengthen salon-treated hair. Gentle on hair, scalp and skin, it creates a rich luxurious lather that makes other sulfate-free shampoos jealous! “ Note: I totally agree! The shampoo doesn’t suds up at all, but it feels rich and washes out clean.

Daily Hydrating Conditioner ($16):” DermOrganic Daily Hydrating Conditioner neutralizes tangled tresses without silicones, propylene glycol or glycerin. Loaded with moisture factors, lipids and Panthenol to increase absorption, improve slip, eliminate tangles and prevent flyaways.”

Intensive Hair Repair Masque ($16): “DermOrganic Masque replicates the keratin structure of human hair to repair damage, seal the cuticle, and restore resilience to salon-treated hair. Made without silicones, use as often as desired for silky smooth hair without fear of buildup.”

Firm Hold Volume Foam ($15): “DermOrganic Firm Hold Volume Foam is an ecologically friendly thick hair mousse. Aerosol-free foam spreads easily into hair to provide incredible root lift, curl support, and lustrous, voluminous styles. Alcohol-free goodness for your hair and the air.”

Windswept ($15): Fast Dry Shaping Spray contains a proprietary blend of three eco-friendly polymers designed to dry fast and keep hair in place. Never sticky or heavy, sets hair quickly and easily for texture and all-day style support.”

At the moment I’m rocking three-day old hair that is still structured with minimal frizz, which is an impressive feat. On my last wash/style I went a tad bit overboard with Windswept, but my hair has managed to go the distance, making DermOrganic hair products “Sheila’s Crazy Curly Hair Approved”.

You can find DermOrganic online and in-stores at Ulta. To find out more about DermOrganic, visit their website.

*Provided for consideration. Opinions are my own.

  • Cyndi

    Sheila, I came across your post when searching to find out how much of this volumizing foam to use in my hair. My hair is fine to medium curls that look about your length but blonde highlights/lowlights. I bought the shampoo/conditioner and foam, styling spray and hair spray. first time used about 5 pumps and looked a little stringy, but no frizz at all! thin tried less like 2 pumps but not enough hold, then combined it with the styling spray and it was just ok. How much did you use to get your hair so curly and beautiful? I didn’t see the whip at Ulta though. Thank you for you help.

  • Sheila – Painted Ladies

    Hi Cyndi – I will have to track how many pumps I used the next time I wash my hair, which will be tomorrow night! I’m not sure exactly how much I use, but I do use quite a bit and work it through my curls and scrunch the mousse through. After I wash my hair, I sleep with wet curls and wake up to bouncy hair. My trick is that I put my hair up with a clip while I’m getting ready and somehow that helps set the curls. The things we go through for our hair!!!! :) The Whip is nice, too and I think you’ll like it. Even though I’m usually a conditioner only gal, I found that my hair looks its best when I use the shampoo and conditioner. Hope this helps!!!